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Riding Shotgun - Proofed Vehicle?

Lethal Vaccine

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Lethal Vaccine

There is 5 "Riding Shotgun" Rampages found in Chinatown Wars by entering a Pickup Truck which are located in 5 spots around Liberty City.


I've noticed when I was doing them that the Truck never smoked or blew up, after driving through tons of fires on the ground and burning vehicles. Now, if these are EP/FP, then it's useless considering ALL properties besides BP is deleted by the Garages. Now, if these are BP/EP/FP, then we have some more BP Vehicles to collect. I am not sure how to obtain these, though, or if they lose their immunities after the mission.


Just a thought and just an idea to check on...

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Maybe you should try shooting it whilst your on the rampage and see whether it has special properties :p because i don't think they have any special properties

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Lethal Vaccine

Well, all 5 Riding Shotgun Rampages, I literally just sat there in my Truck with fire surrounding me on the ground from near-by targets I destroyed.


I know when I was doing Firefighter Side Mission and I would get too close to the fire with the Fire Truck, the Fire Truck would start to smoke and get very blackened.


Nothing wrong with the Truck during Riding Shotgun, though...You can tell when the Vehicle is NOT FP. This one surely was DURING the Mission. It was EP, too. Other Vans were rubbing against mine while the guy in the back was shooting them and they blew up like RIGHT on my Truck. You'd think my Truck would of started smoking black and blew up after 7-8 explosions and fires around me, right?


Well, nothing happens. It's certainly EP/FP. I am not sure if it's BP or DP. But even if it's DP/EP/FP, none of it is saveable. However, if it's BP, then that would be neat as you can get 5 of those Bobcats in BP form. Are they Bobcats? It's a Truck, but the IV Era Vehicles are different from the 3D Era and their models have been changed, so I forget what Vehicle it is. I think it's a Bobcat, though.

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I think they are called Bobcats but like I said try it out as I have never noticed this before

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Some are Cavalcade FXTs and some Bobcats, afaik.

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Lethal Vaccine

Yes, and they ARE EP/FP in my game. I checked and they are...


But they are pointless since they don't save the properties in the garages...

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