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Recommended Posts

Don't know if anyone remembers V8 Rumble. A sound mod I made for San Andreas?... No?



Well anyways, time for the GTA 4 version. Heres the promo video.





Working on it right now. Has been compiled and uploaded as a beta release for general testing and feedback. Generally speaking it is a vehicle sound mod for GTA4. Replacing the rubbish, gutless whiny engine noises that Rockstar stuck in the game (see video).


BETA RELEASE AVAILABLE NOW - http://www.mediafire.com/download/m1n2o82c71p9cjp/GTA_IV_REAL_V8_RUMBLE.rar


This is not however, a mad, brash '69 Charger/Lambo Aventador soundmod. It's subtle and replaces a lot of soundbanks that are usually not modded. Its gives smooth, more powerful, more realistic feel for basic sedans and vintage coupes and old clunkers. 23 vehicles have their engine sounds overhauled - five soundbanks.


V_STYLE_2 - Buccaneer, Merit, Police2, Taxi2, Virgo

Tricky one to work with. Two vehicle classes from different eras. Modern midsize and 70s cruisers. Sounds are more beefy and sporty. Sounds like a much more powerful engine.

V_STYLE_4 - Esperanto, Manana, Premier, Romans Taxi, Uranus

Vehicles are all 70s-80s V8 sedans or coupes. Understressed slow revving American V8s. Sound has been roughed out a bit to make them sound like they have a bit of age on them, but they are still essentially smooth luxury-car motors.

REGULAR_SALOON_1 - Marbella, Willard

Bad news if you own this car. It has really seen better days. Something does not sound right. Blown exhaust, timing is off, valve rattle, piston slap, the works. Rough, rough, rough sounding motor. Combine with bangerexhaustfx for best effects.

LUXURY_CAR_1 - Feroci, Feroci2, Huntley, Oracle, Presidente, Primo, Vincent

This touches a lot of cars. Mostly modern sports sedans. Just a better all-round, more powerful feel.

MUSCLE_CAR_2 - Noose Patriot, Patriot, Peyote, Voodoo

Another cross-genre problem here. Giant SUV and vintage V8. A rough loud rumbling V8 noise suits both.



For now, check out the video. Will have download links up soon. Hope you like it. Might make some tweaks for a final release. Please do give feedback. It's safe and stable to use, I have been using these sounds for more than a year now with zero issues. Sounds are timematched and filesizes are close to originals. (I learned a lot from modding SA).

Edited by Zyo
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I might, i'm not sure really. I quite like the originals as they are.

I did do a breakdown of the soundfiles a while back but never really did anything with them. Its not a priority right now, but i could look into it soon.


Some sort of a Ford Crown Victoria sound?

Edited by Zyo
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I have made a few tweaks to the files. Smoothed out vstyle2 and made some changes to vstyle4.


I am looking for a few people to assess a beta version. Gtagarage is taking forever to approve files these days. Uploaded 07/04, it's now 15/04.

If anyone is interested please get in touch. PM me, or post in this topic. I really just need some quick feedback before I make a full version release.

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If you don't upload to mediafire or other upload sites the GTAGarage hosting can take months to activate downloads. Best to provide an option in the meantime :(

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Heres a quick direct comparison video. Old sounds vs new for V_STYLE_4. Premier, Uranus, Esperanto, Romans cab, Manana.



Edited by Zyo
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  • 2 weeks later...

Uploaded the beta to mediafire. 4.52mb - Five soundbank replacements, readme.txt and backups included



There are a few changes made already. Reworked V_STYLE_4 and made some tweaks to EXTRAS.ivaud

Not quite finished. Needs a little clean up still but if anyone wants to try it, I would appreciate the feedback.

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