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GTA V Online Question


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Hi guys,

so... soon starts the Release of GTA V for PC. I'm looking for some answers and tips, and i hope to find them here =)


1. Do i need to play the Singleplayer mode to play the online mode without any disadvantage?


2. i did some research so far, and when i understood it right the first car u steal can be bound to u through the custom shop for free. So the choice of the first car should matter atleast abit. So which car would u suggest as first car? And does the car of ur choice has a spawn location or requirement? Also what happens when my car gets damaged? does it automatically repair? And what happens when it gets destroyed.


3. After the Car, u probably should get a weapon. I did read that as first weapon the automatic mg should be a good choice, would u agree with that?


4. Next is a garage, do u have any recommendations for that aswell?



I preordered GTA V through steam, so i am not 100% sure with howmuch money i'll start, but ofc for the beginning i am limited ^^


Oh and... i heard the preload starts today on steam, but the game won't be playable after the preload right? If i remember correctly the start is at 14.04. .....?


Thanks alot for ur help :)

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Hello, first of all.

Gonna tell you that GTA V is a really cool game to play and has many side activities.


1. No, you can play GTA Online anytime you want and it does not have any disadvantages, of course depending on your network connection. If it's slow, then online will run slow. If on the contrary, it'll run good with no lag.


2. The characters already have cars. So you don't have to steal one firstly. But if you want you can buy some cool cars, and customize them for the first time ONLY for FREE.


3. Actually everyone has different opinions so I really say depending on what you prefer.


4. You have a garage in your house, also you can buy garages for 30K as well.


Have fun man.

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