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How much protection does the Armored Kuruma's windows offer?

Elder Maxson

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Elder Maxson

Just upgraded my regular Kuruma to the armored version, and I'm wondering before I test it out in Los Santos, am I still being vulnerable to being shot at, despite the windows are surrounded by an armored padding?

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Against AI, 90%, against autoaimers, 70% 'you can role by them and survive as long as you keep on driving' In free aim 80% unless someone smacks a RPG in your face.


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Youre sides are unprotected....thats it

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i'd say its a big difference. i find it way harder to take out a kuruma driver then one in a regular car.


feels like insurgent drivers is easier to take out.

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Ive only had mine a couple days but Id say it has roughly IMO a 80-90% protection rate. Ive only been killed in my car once by a shooter (which was AI) when I was in a tight corner with my car clearing out a area of enemies and a shotgunner was right up on my passenger window and with one good shot through the opening of the armored window killed me instantly. Besides that I havent been killed inside my car yet. Sometimes the odd bullet gets through but as long as you keep a 10-20 feet distance between you and enemies and keep moving you should be pretty safe for most part...

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you would survive pretty much any attack in the front and back, the sides are vulnerable to pretty much any gun, the autoshutgun being your worst enemy.

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