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GTAO Road Rage stories


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Hello everyone, in this topic we'll post road rage stories.

Post a video, write a story, use gifs, or post picture.

If you did engage in road rage then why ?

Edited by jessicaFly
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Move bitch get out the way
















this dude gets it


Edited by CrysisAverted
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Every once in awhile when an NPC veers into my lane and cuts me off, I will make a point to block their car with mine, then get out and casually stroll over to them and pull them out of their car and beat them to death.

Who's to say I wasn't at "fault" though since I constantly drive freeway speeds throughout the city streets.


Nothing particularly notable though beyond that. lol, why did you make this thead?

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usually when a npc cuts me off in traffic i shoot at him or her, now and then i fire my homing launcher at them! :lol::die:

Edited by hugh750
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This is the type of sh*t i wanna do to npc's






that's crazy o.o

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Whenever an NPC hits me with their car while I´m riding a motorcycle or walking I pull them out of their car and run them over with it.Sometimes I shoot them instead,if they start runing away before I get up and catch them on foot.

If I´m in a car and an NPC cuts me off and makes me crash into their car,nothing makes me happier than killing them in a crash and hearing their car horn honking for a long time after their head falls on the wheel.

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