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How to Backup iOS Game Save on Computer?

Lethal Vaccine

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Lethal Vaccine

Hello everyone. I never posted in this section, and quite frankly don't know where to post this or who to ask.


Now, on Christmas, I bought Chinatown Wars for my iPhone 6. I never played a single game on Mobile before so I am completely new to this. In 2 days, I will have completed a Starter Save @ 31.81% Completion in Chinatown Wars before the 3rd Mission in the game.


Like all my other GTA Starter Saves and 100% Completion Saves, I have them backed up on my Computer so I NEVER lose them as they are important to me. I know how to take my Saves from my backward compatible PS3 and put them onto a USB Drive and back them up on my Computer. I also know how to put a Save from my Computer back onto my PS3.


Now, when it comes to my iPhone, this is where I am lost. Can anyone please explain to me or show me a Youtube Tutorial on how to take a Game Save from your iPhone and put it onto your Computer for safe keeping? Then put it back on the iPhone from your Computer at a later date.




P.S. - http://www.copytrans.net/support/how-to-backup-iphone-games-and-transfer-game-scores-to-another-ios-device/


Does that seem accurate? I also would like this Save to be published on this Forum for others to download it it to their Android or iOS Devices. I know SA Saves are compatible between iOS/Android and I also know CTW is as well. I want to back up this Save File so I always have it on my PC and can give it to others who would like a great Starter Save...

Edited by Militia
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Lethal Vaccine

...Like pulling teeth waiting for a reply. Thanks for the help and support :miranda::miranda::v::v:

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Lethal Vaccine

Question, though, did you read my original post? I made note I looked into CopyTrans but it didn't work. I also looked into iFunBox. Didn't work.


I also connected my Phone and iTunes said it "timed out." Thus that didn't work.


Nothing seems to be working. Doesn't surprise me, Apple Products are sh*tty. Not even sure why I got this Phone. Should of went with Windows or Android Phone...


I have an iPod and it works. But not my Phone when I connect it to my PC. I tried 2 Computers actually. One with Windows 8.1 and another with XP.


Both computers detected my Phone and installed it like a USB Drive would install, yet, no programs are working for it.


EDIT: Just after reading a few paragraphs in that link, which didn't help, I saw it say it USED to be a free Program, now it's 20 Dollars. Hell no. I am not paying 20 Dollars to use a USB Drive, basically. Hence what I said earlier. Apple Products are a crock of sh*t.


No worries, though. I am not interested in backing my Save up anymore since there is at least 2 Save Slots on the Phone.


Maybe I will look into iCloud. Another Service you must pay for. That's all Apple does is charge money for sh*t that should be free. Thankfully 5 GB or something is free, or 5 MB. Either way, all I want is a few KB Save on my Computer. That's all. Apparently technology gets more complicated as time goes by. Nothing gets easier. Next there will be padlocks on Phones or something.

Edited by Militia
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