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Solo Session Heists?


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This may be a pipe dream, but I think it would be amazing for R* to in a future update allow players to play the heists in solo session making you team full AI instead of actual players.


Do you think this is a plausible wish? I for one doubt R* would ever actually do this. But its a cool thought.

Not really sure how it would be implemented though.



Edit: Whoops this was meant for the online section.

Edited by Acetaminophen
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Maya Echo Visari

So, how would cuts work? Would you get the full take, or close to it - everytime? How would the underwhelming AI perform the tasks and uphold the roles that players are struggling with?


I understand if you might've found yourself in a few heists that have been botched because of teammates but it isn't plausible, no. I don't think it is. Not unless the heists are completely reworked to incorporate more scripting - (i.e more reminiscent of the singleplayer heists). A player is infinitely more adaptive and cognitive than the AI. That's why we get something as awesome as The Prison Break because players can make that happen.

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The A.I. in this game are moronic, a fact that is compensated by R* giving them incredibly unrealistic accuracy.


The short answer is no. Solo heists with A.I. are unlikely.

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Ya its just a pipedream sadly and as for cuts the AI would get their cut. ect. I just hate playing with people who can't even make it through the first part of a heist. Sooo annoying.

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Guess solo heists are really missions in this game.....random people in heists are a nightmare usually - can't imagine AI in there. I'd probably shoot them. LOL

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