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[IV] Camera Control Help

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Hi everyone :D


I have a very specific

request if you can help

me. I don't know

modding much only C++

a bit.

I have played quite GTA

IV and it's been

amazing but mostly I

play competitive

multiplayer so I don't use mods quite often but for making vids.



Okay back to my point I

am working on a very important video for the online community.


But for some edits I

need a cloned camera.

I googled everything

and came up with two

Ultimate Camera

Control mod by

gtamchaos based on

the code provided by

thaCURSEDpie and

CamControl by nixolas1.


The former works

absolutely fine but it

works in 'no-clip' mode

so I can't F2 anything

post enabling the mod.

However the latter can

be used to F2 but it's

controls are awkward

and its an .asi file and

doesn't include a .ini to

custom map the controls.


The nixolas mod

uses numpad for x an y

axis rotation instead of

mouse so it can't be used much.



Can anyone please

customize that mod either by adding clip support to the script or mouse controls to the asi file it would be much



Thanks for your time.


Awaiting response

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I also tried openCamera but its just buggy and crashes often and don't work good with markers.

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Requests here, thanks.

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