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GTAV Rockstar Editor Video Showcase

Crocodile Hunter
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Welcome to the first issue of the newly-begun Rockstar Editor Competition! The competition will occur over the week from Monday to Friday, with the winners being announced on Monday along with the ne

[JUDGE'S CATEGORY] Title: "Forsaken" Platform: PC Description: An astronaut realizes the harsh truth as he explores a desolate future Earth. I focused a lot on trying to create a lot of atmosp

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Recommended Posts

Made a little video showing Michaels disdain for cats!





Hope you people enjoy!

If so, please check out my other clips... if you want i mean, i dunno.



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Just made this little thing, I hope it's okay. I don't really like my own clips, I think the others are much better. I don't even know how they do some of their stuff and camera work.



Edited by morphpogo
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Crocodile Hunter


Lawbreakers Volume 1






Favourite movie scene remade




I made a commercial for the Benefactor Dubsta using as many car commercial cliches as I could:





Great work guys! Added.


Also, I need to find a way to set up a voting system for the videos, if you guys know of any let me know!

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Wow, just watching some of the clips here they are great! Better than most of highly rated clips on the social club.

Edited by Michael beanz
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just thought I'd share another. don't worry I won't be spamming the thread with my silly videos.



hope you all enjoy! feed back is very much appreciated. Edited by Michael beanz
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well I feel like I'm going to have to step up my game to get to the level I have seen here.

I do have an idea I hope you guys would like. might take a while though.

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I've created 3 videos since the release, here you are;

Grotti - Cheetah Showcase (Most recent one)

Parking Lot Drift

Garage Showcase (First one)

Edited by Synophrys
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GTA 1 Recreated in GTA V.

This is my first R* editor project, ever, so it's not that great.



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MkElite YouTube

Thanks! Gotta upload my new timelapse soon





Took some time to make. What do you guys think? GTA V looks amazing during sunset time!



Good work guys! Will Add these when I get the time


Also, from now on, I'll be updating this thread twice a week, Mondays and Fridays.


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I love that effect under his feet. Easily my favorite of all types of grass in the game. lol. And at the end, Franklin drives like a granny. I like this, I can see playing with this more later. Great videos in this thread, mind blowing. Youtube kinda poops on the quality though huh? :/



Edited by TheMostKnowledgable
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Hi All


Check out this Cinematic Let's Play that I'm doing. Going through the missions in the game, and making them look like and action movie..

Let me know what you think of the concept :-)


GTA 5 - Cinematic Let's Play - Episode 1 - Franklin and Lamar - Editor




Thanks for watching..




ps. I don't know how to get the youtube video to display in the tread, like you guys are doing... How?

Edited by Kalicola
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We made 2 Machinimas so far, the first one is a little action montage and the second one a small machinima






I hope you enjoy them :r*:

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I spent about 7 hours creating this, it is called love at first sight. I hope you guys enjoy! :)



Edited by TheGamingBair
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