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GTAV Rockstar Editor Video Showcase

Crocodile Hunter
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Welcome to the first issue of the newly-begun Rockstar Editor Competition! The competition will occur over the week from Monday to Friday, with the winners being announced on Monday along with the ne

Guys, I made a thing! Hopefully you like the thing!  

Title: Du'Coglioni Italian Suits Platform: PS4 "Advertising" for: Du'Coglioni   I wanted to make something bigger and better, but sadly I have not much time.. so I did something simple... btw: "

Recommended Posts

KnightHunter Studios

The eleventh vlog for The Heir of Scorpio; the ninth and final chapter in the Agent 11 franchise.


Following the announcement that the film has been delayed into 2021, we provide a detailed discussion as to the reasoning behind the films delay, whilst reassuring our fans and followers that the wait will be worth it. Additionally, we discuss details of our upcoming content plan, asking for your thoughts on what content you would like to see. Finally, KHS announces our association with a brand new machinima project!



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KnightHunter Studios

THE HEIR OF SCORPIO, the ninth and final chapter in the Agent 11 franchise, is due to be released on 30th July 2021, available to watch internationally on YouTube.


After careful consideration, KnightHunter Studios has secured a summer release date for its action-epic machinima. Until its eventual release, KHS plans to create some highly entertaining and informative content for you, our fans and followers. Make sure to follow us on both YouTube and Twitter so you do not miss out on all the latest updates and content regarding THE HEIR OF SCORPIO.



"Everything has led to this. After a catastrophic terrorist occurs in Los Santos, Niko Bellic and the team are given a blank cheque to hunt down the people responsible. However, the search for the truth soon leads Bellic down a dark and treacherous path as the demons of his past come back to haunt him. 

With a secret and nefarious criminal syndicate on the rise, armed with dangerous technology, the fate of Western civilization hangs in the balance. The stakes have never been higher."



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KnightHunter Studios

Every story has an ending.


To celebrate the upcoming release of THE HEIR OF SCORPIO - due to be released in July of 2021 - we are bringing a brand new behind the scenes series to YouTube! 


Every month, from December 2020 to July 2021, we will be providing a recap of every film in the Agent 11 franchise, exploring its story, characters, action sequences, soundtrack, and more. Plus, we'll be releasing exclusive material, from deleted scenes to story and character ideas that were never used, as part of the behind the scenes series!



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My second machinima work. The first one was "Uncuffed".


Thanks to all voice actors who took part in this machinima and made this video possible. Although we are all non native speakers of English language, I think we still did a good job to reach out to a wider community. :)

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KnightHunter Studios

Rewind to the origin of Agent 11. 


The first episode in the 'Agent 11 Recap' series is out now, where we dive into BLOOD GRAVE; the machinima that not only started the Agent 11 franchise, but also KnightHunter Studios as a whole.


See it here:



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Hi everyone !

I just made my first music video using the rockstar editor. I produced the music too.

I had a great time doing this and i hope you will enjoy it too !Here is the video :


Edited by Faber
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My new upcoming Machinima! Agent 007 is making an apperance at NightBeauty Pictures. I've wanted to do a short 007 epic since starting Machinima, but didn't feel I was ready until now. Mainly based on the epic pre-title sequences of the classic Bond movies. Explosive Action!


My channel if anyone wants to check out existing videos :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHzlhBRR9kOdzZy4PwOtFlw


Edited by NightBeauty
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