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Collaborative Story Discussion

Alpha Demigod

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Alpha Demigod

I want to do an interesting experiment sort of test thingy. It should be fun. I'm going to lay down a writing prompt and you guys can fill in the missing aspects I've outlined. I've kept it quite "gamey" so it fits well with the forum. I am interested in seeing what all the minds here are capable of in their diverse thoughts.




A man's son went missing. All police investigations to find him were futile. But the man wanted closure and would not rest, so he called a retired private-investigator who was widely praised as being a very effective investigator.


The investigator was initially reluctant to come out of retirement, but agreed when he saw the sum the sad father was offering. Unbeknownst to the father, the investigator was so successful in his career because he has supernatural powers which aid him during investigation.


The investigator sets out on a mission, he finds the missing son but along the way he loses himself. The end.






Let's talk about:


- What powers does the investigator have that help him investigate? Stuff like in "Murdered: Soul Suspect" or "The Vanishing of Ethan Carter" ? Or something like detective vision in the "Batman: Arkham Series" You decide.


- What was the context of the son going missing? Was he kidnapped by some crazy cult, or did he run away from home? You decide.


- How does the investigator lose himself? Is it an ending like Bruce Willis in "The 6th sense" or something else? Do his supernatural powers eventually lead to his demise? You decide.

Edited by Dark Bordeus
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  1. The investigator has the same neon-mutant powers like the protagonists in the Infamous franchise.


The son ran off to Syria to join ISIS.


The detective went to Syria and found the boy. As soon he found him, he sympathized with the boy and his decision of fighting in Syria. The poor detective lost his mind and joined the terrorist organization to help rise the caliphate using his great powers.


Edited by paperbagdude

JohnXina - Discord Emojispacer.pngJohnXina - Discord Emoji

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And then everyone got nuked


And we all lived happily ever after :)

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