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Hosting missions?


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Since the heist update I can't simply host a mission, but instead I automatically join an already existing lobby for that exact job. Is there a way to launch a mission on my own so I'm the host and I can play alone? I just can't play with most of the randoms as they lack some kind of common sense, they always finish after 3:59 or 5:59 etc.

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Use the start menu and 'play job'

Nope.. It seams to me that it's completely random if you join a lobby or host it on your own then..

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You can no longer host your own job. You likely can still host if you try to play the job from an "invite only" session. But even that may link you to random online lobbies.



The idea is to limit the amount of empty lobbies out there and force players to play together. Kind of annoying, but at the same time, at least you're more likely to play with other players now.

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Imo that's just ridiculous.. If I want to play with others I will invite them and if I want to solo then I won't. I don't like being forced to play as a team in missions, there are already heists for that.

Did I overlook that or was nobody complaining about that?

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mmm chocolate

Whenever I'm in an Invite Only session and I start a contact mission from the start menu, it's always just me.

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Go to Online 》 Options 》 turn off Matchmaking



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