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60 fps problem


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Hello guys, before i start i just wanna say that my english is not my first language and i am not good at it:)

So, i have a weird problem with my pc, when i play a game like CSGO or GTA IV and i run the game over 60fps (i am running csgo with 180-240 fps) it just doesnt feel like 60fps

but when i start a video in youtube which is 60fps its smooth, my friend have a gaming laptop and he runs CSGO with 140-200 fps and it feels soo liquid and smooth i just tried

everything below:

1-Reinstall my windows

2-get a friend's video card(gtx 680)

3-tried different resolutions and games

This is my weird and old pc:

CPU: Intel core 2 quad q9400 oc 3.2 ghz (from 2.67)

GPU: Sapphire HD6850 1gb 256-bits GDDR5


I hope the community can help me:)

(Again sorry for my English)

P.S I forgot to add that my monitor is 60 hz 1920x1080 resolution

Edited by marto492
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It's a bit difficult to provide a fix as there's not really any clear problem. You just say it "feels different" to some YT videos but that doesn't give us any information to actually work on in determining what, if anything, is wrong.

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I'm trying to determine the issue as well.. he said he was running IV but then explains he gets 180-240 fps in CSGO.. Not being very clear with everything.

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Sorry guys, its hard for me to type in English


So, on CSGO i get around 200fps but it feels like 30, not like on my friend's PC he runs it with lower fps but it feels alot smoother.

on GTA IV i get around 60 but the same when i am exactly on 60 or more fps it just feels like 30 thats in every game i play.

but if i run a youtube video its good. I am trying to say that my 60 fps in-game feels like 30, but on youtube its clear 60fps.

the problem is only in-game.

Edited by marto492
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How are you measuring FPS?

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In CSGO with a command in the console that shows me the fps also with fraps

In GTA IV with fraps

Edited by marto492
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What's your monitor refresh rate?

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60hz on 1920x1080 res, but i think that this is not the problem because 60 fps video in youtube runs smooth and lliquid

Edited by marto492
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Pretty sure that's a case of a huge frame time variance. I get it on a regular basis, when 60 FPS videos look smoother than 120 FPS in-game.

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so, what can i do to fix this? I wanna make the games run like on my friends pc

Edited by marto492
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Have you got vsync turned on? You need vsync.

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Thats a good idea! but i cant do that right now, but this is my monitor specs: http://www.cnet.com/products/aoc-e2243fw/specs/, if you can check and tell me if there is something wrong i will be really thankful.

And i will say that again, in youtube the videos are ok, this is only in-game.

Edited by marto492
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