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|-Shake's Car Meets-|

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Getting those hookers might liven up the thread....

Hey boys!



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Hey guys! Haven't been here in awhile just due to some real-world events. Reminder now that the meet is two weeks away (exactly 14 days away). See you then!

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Hey guys.. A real life opportunity has come up that will make a huge impact on my future for life and sports and it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am going to have to cancel my meet, and I don't know when I'll be able to host another. Life is insanely busy right now and I need to do things in order to prepare myself for what I'm getting into. I hope you guys aren't too upset and hope that you guys can understand.. Thank you.

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The good side of doing long-planned meets is that you have tons of time to prepare and get in the mindset of the theme but the bad side is that things can come up. Sucks that you have to cancel but I totally understand. I'm sure the others also understand so go ahead and put your real-life before your GTA-life, always! :)

Hey, hopefully that extension will give you time to work more on the meet and "make it up" to those that waited. Make sure you edit your first post. I'd remove the date and change it to post-pone or something.

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Life's going good fellas. Miss playing with you all! Hopefully will soon be able to join some of you in some games and meets. Always keep this thread on watch just for updated info and when my next meet will be. Just hoping to get through some stuff and bring it back with a nice chill first meet back. Will be watching other threads and stay in tuned with you all. Hope life is well for all!



Edited by jjeehh21
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