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How much knowledge per program is enough ?


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Ok, so we all know we must learn different programming languages if we want to work in this industry, but how much is enough before moving to the next one ?


I'm learning Java and i only know Java, i know we must know different languages but how much knowledge per language is enough before i can move on to the next one ?


I know Data Structures, the most basic thing about Data bases, the main things like classes, variables, constructors, private, public, making designs, buttons, radio buttons and layouts


Is that enough, should i move to others or continue learning more about Java ?

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Depends on where you want to work and what you want to do. Honestly, there is a point at which your knowledge of particular language is irrelevant. It becomes about your ability to quickly learn architectures and learning to work with them using tools that are available. That said, knowledge of C and C++ is usually the most valuable. Since you know Java, I would jump directly into C++ and learn about ways in which C is different separately.

Prior to filing a bug against any of my code, please consider this response to common concerns.

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I started my commercial experience using something I'd never heard of before - a DOS based database language called Dataflex. After a couple of jobs with that I started using Delphi (Visual Pascal, if you like) and that became my main thing. I stuck with that for years and then got into web development and started using classic ASP. The web development moved me into the ASP.Net area, where I started using C#. This was perfect for me as it meant that I could do both desktop and web development using the same language and framework, which also lead me into mobile development as well (that being .Net based and using C#).


Basically, as you move from one job to another most employers will want you to have relevant skills, but you'll end up learning new ones as you yourself progress. I'm now in a position where I could go for about 75% of all commercial programming jobs you see advertised.


Java is a good starting point as it's used on so many platforms and environments. For the sake of continuing to learn (you will never stop learning - don't ever think you know enough), I'd say stick with that and see where it takes you. When you're going for jobs use what you know to get a foot into the door and then let your career unfold in front of you. No-one can tell you what the future will bring so just use what you've got and adapt as you go.

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In my first two years of college I learned Java. Now I'm in third year and I'm doing C++ for my Algorithms & Data Structures module. For my year long project I decided to do a brand new language I've never done before so I'm using C#. As part of that project I'm learning scripting languages like Javascript.


For the summer I plan to do a few applications using angular.js, backbone.js and node.js. I also want to learn Python, Perl, and Ruby/on rails. It seems like a lot of effort but I love programming and I feel bored when I'm not doing any. Once you know the basics of a few and know the main algorithms/data structures most languages are easy enough to pick up.


I'd rather believe that it's not how much knowledge is enough, but how far do you want to learn and keep learning.

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