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Triads and Diablos

Harwood Butcher 1066

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Harwood Butcher 1066

Hello all, be gentle this is my first post on here. I had never played Liberty City stories before and after finishing GTA V I wanted to give it a go. I always loved GTA III and enjoyed the gangs in it. When reading about Liberty City stories I was rather pleased to see it had all the old gangs plus the extra Mafia families

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Harwood Butcher 1066

I have now done a few missions on portland island (my favorite of the three) including the one where Toni kills the triads. I thought I would then do what I used to do on GTA III and still do when playing it on my phone, I wanted to drive round and get in fights with gang members. So I went to China town and haven't been able to find a single triad or fish van. Am I in the wrong place? I have only seen one Diablo stallion but have looked in Heburn heights since and not seen a single Diablo walking around. Where are they all? All I can ever find is sindaccos to have a fight with. Will they ever appear to fight with on the street? Is this the same with the yardies, yakuza, cartel and southside hoods? Now I don't mind fighting the other Mafia families but was hoping all the old gangs were in it to fight. Advice anyone?

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The gangs aren't exactly the same in terms of strength and wanting you dead. They mainly use fists, baseball bats, pistols and at best an Uzi (later in the game). If you want to dish it out with the Gangs, do the Rampages. Each Rampage is designed to attack gang members. The one in Saint Marks against your own family, the Leone Mafia, is a challenge at times. If you don't know how to pass Rampages, you'd probably die a bunch of times before getting the hang of it...


There is 6 Rampages in Portland, 7 Rampages in SI, and 7 Rampages in SSV.

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Harwood Butcher 1066

Does that mean that the gang members are not walking around or driving around any more? (Other than leone and sindacco)


What is a rampage and where are they?

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Gangs are walking around, but not as many. Once you do Blow Up Dolls Mission in Portland, you should see the Sindacco's around and they shoot at you with Pistols...


Rampages are the tiny icon you pick up, it'll start a Rampage. You got 2 minutes to kill a number of Gang Members. If you don't pass it, you gotta re-do it. 20 of them are required for 100%...


Just go on Youtube. Everything is there...

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Harwood Butcher 1066

Am I looking in the right places for the triads and diablos as I can't see them walking around. Triads chinatown and diablos heburn heights?

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Am I looking in the right places for the triads and diablos as I can't see them walking around. Triads chinatown and diablos heburn heights?


Wait a second, Chinatown is Triad turf for sure but Diablos dont own Hepburn Heights. In this game Hepburn Heights is Leone turf, and in a mission Diablos take care of it.

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Harwood Butcher 1066

So apart from that mission do diablos not walk about or drive their stallions? Not seen any triads walking or fish vans

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There certainly is Triads and they certainly drive the Fish Vans...


Diablos don't hang out around Hepburn Heights. As I said, do a Rampage..........Kill 25 Diablos in 2 minutes with a flamethrower.


Or how about, exterminate 25 Triads in 2 minutes with an AK-47...


Just go to Youtube and check the Rampages as I said....

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Triads and Diablos will spawn more often once you finish the first set of missions in Portland. I don't want to spoil the story but if you wanna know:



After you kick out the Sindaccos from Portland, they move out to Newport in Staunton and the Triads will own Chinatown while the Diablos dominate Hepburn after "Sindacco Sabotage". By the end of the game, you will regularly see them and instead it is the Forellis and Sindaccos that become rarities and only spawn in their car once in a while in what used to be their territories.


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Actually, once Sindaccos are gone, the Sindacco Argento will ONLY spawn during Fire Truck Side Mission. Nowhere else will you find that Vehicle.


I have a DP/TP Sindacco Argento and a H/DP Sindacco Argento in my collections. Nice Vehicles...

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