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SA Flight School Bug [Android]


Go to solution Solved by D-m-x,

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I seem to be unable to complete der Flight School Part where I have to destroy the Vehicles with the Hunter, in Gold. No matter how good or fast I am it's always stuck on 95%. I've tried it with completion times from 1 min 15 sec to 1 min 45 sec. Anyone heard of this Bug?


I know the Hunter is bugged on the latest Release since it can't fire Rockets, maybe it has something to do with that?



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According to the Wiki you just need to trim a few more seconds to get the gold medal time of 1:10. Try landing the Hunter like it's an airplane; that save me lots of time on PC and also made it a lot easier to be consistent on landing straight. In case you can't watch the video, after destroying the last target swing wide towards the west end of the runway and come in low to the landing zone. When you get the right distance away decelerate hard and use rudder controls to keep it straight.



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Failure to land in line with the runway may also add points.


Less than 35 seconds to destroy the trucks with machine guns.

Turning around and going back for the automobiles circling, if you do it in time the automobiles will be in a postion to be taken out in no more thena 60 seocnds, and then turning to land on the runway should have you well withing the Gold time.


Just a mater of developing the skill on the turns.

Rockets are cute but a nuisance, the machine guns are fine.


You can get help by uploading your latest save game using: http://gtasnp.com/[this allows the Helper to load the save into the slot of his/her choice]

to http://gtaforums.com/forum/200-mission-h...

Topic Title Format: [snP] Destroy All Targets [ANDROID]

Edited by lil weasel
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  • Solution

I see, was just my own stupidity. I was always set on 1:30 for Gold Medal, don't know why. Tried it a few more times and it worked with both of your suggestions, so thanks ;-)

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