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Deadly Sins MC


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We are continuing to heat up our war with IPMC, BEMC & all their followers. If you have issues with these clubs then consider joining our MC. We plan to hunt them for a long time to come.






Ride with Sin!


Edited by L3GI0N
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we will be running some tdm practice and then trying out tiny racers this evening.

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Edited by ItsSomeAlien
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Congrats soul! Glad you got your patch brother, you earned it!

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The Sandy Shores charter has been disowned by the remainder of the club. They don't follow our bylaws or traditions. They are not real sinners and hardly even an MC. Rest in piss you fakes.

Edited by L3GI0N
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this crew is the best and the only mc that i have ever joined and i would like to say as being the first patched member on dsmc on pc that i have loved every second with the crew and encourage anyone who is looking to look no further and that this crew with be your home and your family. GO DSMC

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Lol, well it got you responding so it's an excellent way to start

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Not sure yet, nothing planned really, I booked off Monday from work so it's another long weekend for me, Woohoo!

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Lol f*ckin Peg. What day are you guys wanting church this weekend? Sat or Sun?

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Doesn't matter to me I'm good for any day, mine as well keep it Sunday unless someone says their busy that day

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  • 3 weeks later...

RSGSC: sleazyseeza

Platform: PC

Timezone: CEST
Are you above 18: Yes (30)
Do you have a mic: Yes

What bike do you ride: Westen Gargyle & Western Zombie Bobber

What do you do most in GTA: Online: Sell drugs, Run guns, Kill pigs and other gangmembers that come in my way.
Any misc info you think we should know: Nothing much, looking for a oldschool outlaw club.

Edited by Seeza
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  • 10 months later...

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