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Welcome back to another issue of Deadly Sins sh*ts on the "MC community"

For this week we will be taking a closer look a the Skeleton Crew aka SKEL, these guys boast about being the oldest club on PC (We predate them by almost three years)
They clamed to be the most aggressive and dominant club in PvP, but as you can see they lost a freemode war to a club that thinks freemode wars are feckless displays of who has more time and less of a life. Would much rather handle things in a good old fashion TDM and know whos the best in like 45 minuets. 
But I digress. 

SKEL started a war with us when their member by the name of Rooni killed and photographed one of our nomads Croyboy. 


That's not a very nice thing to do to a club that has no issue with yours and had no intent to be aggressive. And given that a former Secretary in Deadly Sins was a former member of SKEL and explained the disfunction in their club we really wanted nothing to do with such a disorganized club. 

But disrespect cant go unanswered. 


So we Responded in the only way we know how. We found them in a lobby and proceeded to kill them out. This prompted discussion between the two clubs tables. We said things would only escalate between our clubs, and that the best way to handle this and stop it here would be to settle our disagreements with a good old fashioned TDM. 

They initially agreed but then went back on their word and called us modders (with 0 evidence) and said we were "terrorizing" them.

But remember

They started this...


Some time goes by, no TDM but we find out we have been put on a "Leave on sight" list this club of nearly 80 people just stops playing the game... 




Well, then we all got the new update. So one of their most inactive members good'ol Rooni wants to get on and see the new content. 
Guess they have issues getting the word out to their people that we are not allowed to be played with because Rooni starts to run his mouth to Peg.

Saying how SKEL is the best, the oldest and about how he once played in a 18 hour Freemode war.

Then he boasted about how he has the largest patch rip collection in the entire community....



Peg calls in the boys to hear this for themselves. 

And a freemode war erupts, you can see in the footage how things went. But we would also like to share photos of this little soiree




Now during this fight they called in back up (They had us outnumbered the entire time)

But nerveless they called in another club to assist. This guy just used non-1% weapons and tried killing members with helicopters and dropping bombs to be a distraction and when it all didn't work he was the one to end the fight by orbital cannoning us before they abandoned the lobby. 



Something about the names of the members of this "club" makes me believe this is just SKEL members hiding behind another patch so they can disregard their own bylaws when the chips are down. 



But then we get to the best part. The self admitted loss. This club has built itself on the notion that they cant be beaten in freemode wars because the way they define victory is last patch in the lobby wins. We reminded good'ol Rooni of this and his reply 





Oh and Rooni.

Payback is a bitch.



Its a shame that this club has fallen this hard. The "MC community" is a f*ckin joke now. They brag about numbers and endless freemode wars but they don't play the game they talk sh*t on their own patches and they disregard orders from their presidents as well as treating their own bylaws as suggestions more then rules.  Its a sad shadow of its former self. Clubs have no backbone or honor in how they carry themselves. 


And to any SKEL reading this


If you don't agree, if you take issue
Then prove me wrong, and TDM us!
If not then we see how true your clubs motto really is






Also wanted to shout out Fazed and Cajun, our newest patch and hangaround.

Cajun was only level 13 when he showed up for this battle. No health or guns and he put in work with a revolver. 

Props Sinners, With enemies like we got nothing but sunny days ahead in OUR game.


Getsum Fazed!




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Guess whos back?







That's what happens when you mass recruit quantity and disregard quality.  Prospects that think every club they meet are allies and uses passivemode.




In other news we have some big things coming up, 
New video in the can, 
New patches,
and a new website that's almost ready.

Its a great time to be a Sinner!



Welcome back Igel, and congratulations to our newest patch Gus!


Almost forgot.  


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New video!


Hope yall like it.

If theres anyone out there that is interested in joining the longest lasting and most legitimate club there is for a authentic GTA:MC experience. 


Hit us up, we are always taking on prospects. Maybe you will have what it takes to be feared by the MC community!



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On 4/6/2015 at 11:29 AM, StoneyRoach said:

Thanks brew. Miss you man. And thanks to you too Mr.Jesus. We have been around for sometime now. And no sign of us slowing this time around.

My cousin and I would like to join y’all on pc

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On 12/11/2021 at 5:32 PM, L1V1NGxL3N3ND said:

My cousin and I would like to join y’all on pc

Hey man, if you could add me on Discord, Hammy#7384, I can get y'all into an interview. 

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