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Criminal Mastermind Recruitment Hub

Sussus Amongus
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  • Sussus Amongus


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Top Posters In This Topic

Popular Posts

Welcome to the GTA Online Criminal Mastermind Recruitment Hub!   Disclaimer: I no longer have the time to properly update this topic, so if you're an old player you'd have to PM me if you wi

Hello,   For all players needing the Doomsday Criminal Mastermind's 2-4 and Elites 1-3 challenges, PM me on PSN - NegraruSpeedruns. I help players complete their DD CM runs professionally, I

Platform: Xbox One GTA Online username: alexislovestns Timezone: eastern standard Mic: Yes Level: 189 (couple away from 300 on xbox 360)

Recommended Posts

Platform: PS3

GTA Online username: Invaderrjl

Timezone: California Pacific Time

Mic: Yes



Need some cool group to add me

Edited by SuburbansWorst
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For hire active


Platform: PS3

GTA Online username: sphinxx_13

(optional) Social Club: im in the CM led by Neoledah

Timezone: GMT + 0 (uk)

Mic: Yes


Additional info: completed all heists at least three times. Level 372

Edited by sSphInXx
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Looking for 3 other people to do the criminal mastermind challenge

Platform: PS4

GTA Online username: CalebTheDog08

Timezone: EST

Mic: Yes

Rank 225

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Platform: PS4

PSN: BamaGoodfella

Social Club: BamaGoodfella

Timezone: Central

Mic: Yes

Rank: 580


Being able to work as a team and follow an agreed upon plan are the only real requirement that I have. Please, NO RAMBO types! Either message me on here or send a friend request with GTAforums in the subject.

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Xbox one

Gt: metal1138

Rank 329

I've played all the heists several times.

Time for criminal mastermind.

I'm in US east coast time zone. Usually on 10am to 2 pm weekdays and pretty much all weekend. I do have a mic.

Edited by thornberry1138
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Console ps3

No mic but completed all heist

Timezone :Hong Kong GMT +8

Rank 60

What is your psn id ?


I am in the same time zone as well .

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Console: PS4

PSN: Lochstina

Mic: No

Lvl: 436

Timezone: GMT +0 (UK time)


Previous experience: Completed each heist numerous times and know a few shortcuts here and there, capable of playing through every setup and heist without dying, also know how to use snack and armor very well.

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Anyone available to do all the heists tonight? I have a fail proof strategy for each setup and looking for two people. Easy ten million if you have the time.


I'm on Xbox one


Gt: vicarious mind


Rank 470


Plenty experience with all the heists and own all heist gear and vehicles


Timezone est USA can play time, make sure you have the time available to complete all the heists.

Edited by Forgoten214
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Im looking to build a team to run thru the heist to collect the Criminal Mastermind Challenge. Must be available to complete all heist with mic, so please serious players only. Feel free to message me on xbox one. I'm online waiting for player right now.


My GT: Shady Boi Fly

Rank: 113

Timezone: Central (Kansas)

Heist completed: All with every weapon in the game

Body Armor and Snacks: Maxed out

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Criminal Mastermind XB1

I'm hosting the criminal mastermind challenge and need 3 players to join and do it with me. You must have at least played every hiest once and have A mic. Msg me we start tomorrow at 2:30pm EST

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Looking for 3 mature PS4 players to host and play Bank Heist: Must be above Level 80 and have a mic.


Add me up on PSN with the subject 'Bank Heist': politiklycorrect

Level: 85

Completed Bank Heist 7-8 times before



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Need 3 mature players on Xbox One, You must have a mic, be mature-ish,and must go through a 5 min training course.Message SteveyHDgaming on Xbox Live for an invite

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For Hire



PSN: joshybox2244

Skype, Mic available.
AEST +10
Have all week to get this done. Would like to find a team who take their time and don't rush things, and in spontaneous situations they can communicate and lead a team to safety.
edit: I've played all heists before and know what I am doing ;)

Edited by joshybox2244
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Looking to join a competent squad in order to complete the Mastermind Challenge. I have tried doing it before with one group already, but decided to leave because they kept dying. I have completed all setups and heists many times over. Setups and Heists are not hard for me; just need three good players to team up with to get this done.


Add me on PS4: a_BubbleFarrt

Available after 12pm EST

I use my mic at all times

Edited by a_BubbleFarrt
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For Hire



Central Standard Time

Have mic

Always online

Lvl 57


Looking for crew to complete Criminal Mastermind challenge.

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For Hire

Xbox One

GT: The 0nly JM (with zero; includes spaces)

Level: 184

I don't use Skype

I do have a mic

Active: Tues Thru Fri 6pm-12am EST Anytime on weekends.

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Xbox One

GT - Load Droppers

Social Club - Weems2k

Mic - Yes


Time Zone - Central Standard Time - US


I work a 2pm - 10pm schedule M-F so my available hrs during the week would be either in the morning, or after 10:30pm at night. Saturday is wide open unless I have something planned so I can do the challenge in one sitting on that day, or night. I'm LV 300+ with all my stats maxed out. I've played all Heists, and Setup missions. I'm always careful, and use cover/snacks/body armor.

Edited by Rammer2k
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For Hire



Have a headset

EST time zone (New York)

Work mon-fri 7am-5pm open all other hours for the most part. Done all the heists before. Use snacks, use armor, have 100% armored Kuruma.

Edited by Fox2Quick
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