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Criminal Mastermind Recruitment Hub

Sussus Amongus
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  • Sussus Amongus


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Top Posters In This Topic

Popular Posts

Welcome to the GTA Online Criminal Mastermind Recruitment Hub!   Disclaimer: I no longer have the time to properly update this topic, so if you're an old player you'd have to PM me if you wi

Hi my name is Interloper and I am looking for people (preferably in Europe to avoid lag) to do Criminal Mastermind 4, I have over 12K hours of GTA, two Characters with levels 1267 and 560, as a reward

Hello,   For all players needing the Doomsday Criminal Mastermind's 2-4 and Elites 1-3 challenges, PM me on PSN - NegraruSpeedruns. I help players complete their DD CM runs professionally, I

Recommended Posts

Platform: Xbox 360

Timezone: GMT

Gamertag: ShadowW624

Level: 366

Mic: Yes

I can be leader or lackey and have finished all the heists.

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Platform: PS3

PSN ID: TerminalNapkin

Rank: 84 (was 210 on X360)

Timezone: GMT+1 but can adjust to rest of the team.


My current CM crew is inactive and i wanna finish this. I use heavy utility vest and know whats expected of me. Hit me up if you got a crew and need one more.


To any heist leaders:


I do not recommend hiring this guy.

I was the previous heist leader this guy joined in and he abandoned us when he decided to join a random Heist Setup when we were as sleep..


Thus, his CMM challenge was reset.

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Nice lying Cyvex. I joined another crew because my progress got reset somehoe. You said we would continue on Tuesday since you had time then. I was gonna do the remainder of the heists so you would get the challenge, instead of accepting that you insulted me. It doesnt matter if I do heists in the meantime, we already finished the challenge loads of time before u can even play again. So stop spreading false accusations.

And just to clarify: my progress did NOT get reset because I did anothet heist with diff people. It happened before that. Dont know how or why. Oh and while you were asleep? So who was sending me messages then? Dis guy lol.

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NRK Evilm0nkey

Xbox 360

Must have mic

Gt same as name

Level 100 and up

Message me

Edited by NRK Evilm0nkey
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I need a team on ps4 I'm 25 years old have a mic I play seriously and have been on gta online since day one pm me if interested. I have no problem getting through any heist without dying.

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Age: 15, but I don't think this impacts my maturity.

Console: Ps4

Level: 195

Psn: wambamthanksjam

Im looking to do the cmm challenge. I have plenty of time.

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Need a 4th dependable man on ps4 with a mic who is confident they can do this challenge and available to start tonight.

I meet all requirements. I'm ready to start! PS : CxMxWarfxx12

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I completed all of this heists in around a week after their release. I'm highly skilled and experienced. I'm looking for a good team to join to complete the Criminal Mastermind challenge. I have a mic. I'm level 170. I'm on ps4. My psn is: CxMxWarfxx12

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Scratch that everyone keeps bitching out on me I'm down to do this I need a team that wants to do this someone come on I need a team ps4

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Looking for two recruits or group up already have myself and a friend

Console: Xbox One

Gamertag: x MARTIN o

Time zone: GMT

Rank: 130

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I'm interested in completing this challenge, if you need an extra guy feel free to message me at "Im_Boss-17" on PS4. I have a mic, and will communicate well. (There won't be death screams in the background of my mic like some people) I am level 132 on gta, I have been playing since the beginning when it came out on ps3, so Im a rather experienced player. And I'll serve as comedic relief when we need it

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PS4 - done all heist and setups in every spot, have taken the full $1.25 mil in pac standard and come very close to the elite challenges, 1 second off in one case.


Yet to complete the CM challenge, need a solid crew to help, no heroes, no kill count chasers, looking for English speaking, methodical, calculated players, who know how to follow a game plan and stick together.


PSN tag: The_Big_Show

Edited by The_Big_Show
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Lvl : 136

platform : 360

age: 16

timezone : gmt +8

Mic : no but i can speak english and can hear. Will msg if Necessary

I play daily and for quite a long time.

Hmu if you wanna hire me gt is NeCrOmAnTixx


Have no troubles for any heist or setups i am good at flying and gunning

Edited by NeCrOmAnTixx
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I am looking for people to do the Criminal Mastermind Challenge. I'm tired of grinding missions.


: Xbox One


Level: 102


need a mix, because we have to communicate.


Gamertag: MASTER GABE 202


Message me on Xbox saying, Criminal Mastermind.


I'm on usually at 4:00 P.M., so message me.

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Platform: PS4

GTA Online username: Espy7

- Level: 65

Timezone: EST

Mic: Yes


I'm tired of worrying about how I'm going to pay for something. I've read the the criminal mastermind guide and I'm here to be hired. I have plenty of time because of summer vacation and I'm looking for three other people to do the "big one" with. So if you need someone message me on psn please.

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Platform: PS4

Username: DopeSk1llz

Level: 67

Mic: Yes

Timezone: GMT (England)


Looking to join a group and complete this challenge tonight, I have completed all heists before but not all as host.

Edited by DopeSk1llz
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Platform: Xbox One

GTA Online username: T11 MAYHEM

Timezone: Pacific Time

Mic: Yes


lvl 213


Gunman or driver

Edited by T11 MAYHEM
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