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Odd Heist Moments


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You ever had one of those days when you're playing your heists like everyone else and something abnormal happens, be it good, bad, or funny?


Every once in awhile we all get one of these moments, and I just got one that was absolutely strange. We were on the Pacific Standard heist setup Convoy, where you deliver the Barracks with the Thermite Bombs. We stopped and shot down all 3 Savage helicopters that spawn in. 2 exploded, and one had the pilot sniped and went down over the Alamo Sea. We drove a little ways up the road, going like any normal mission run, when suddenly there is something in our path. A Savage helo. Slightly smoking, but unlocked and fully functional. We took advantage of it and destroyed Merryweather, cruising to the lockup without a hitch.





Video starts there because Xbox didn't record 5 minutes, instead it cut the entire beginning where we shot the 3 Savages down.






My question to you all is: Have you guys ever encountered such an event during a heist or heist setup? And was it a beneficial event, or a hinderance?

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and a prime example of why pegasus vehicles would be op in heists

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and a prime example of why pegasus vehicles would be op in heists

As much as I hate to acknowledge the inability to use Pegasus vehicles, I do agree. Normally we finish the mission with a smoking Barracks and the crew hiding inside the Insurgent Pick Up, but the Savage surprise made it a walk in the park.

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Happened to me in a similar way but in a different heists and a different outcome.

So we were close finishing the Prison Break Heist. I was the Prisoner Officer and I was the backseat shooter in the Riot Van. Out pilot was near our landing zone and as soon as he was next to us, doors open, our Demolition man in the Helicopter shot down a LSPD helicopter and landed on the Velum when I was about to get in. I left the server laughing my as* off.

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Not the same heist, but on Prison Break the prisoner & I were shot & killed DURING the cutscene for exiting the bus.


I was pissed at first but re-watching it again it's hilarious.

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Well, I didn't think this was odd until I read some heist stories on this forum:


Did the Deliver EMP setup for the first time with 3 random players (I had not previously read a walk-through of the setup, though others were likely familiar with it). Nobody had mics. We passed the mission quickly the first time through without a hitch. I was confused as to why it took so little time and there seemed to be no challenge.

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