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GTA 5 Roleplay server XBOX ONE

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All those who are still interested message JTD Wolf for further information as your gamertags won't be seen in the comments

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Thank you Ewsyboy for posting this. Guys, this server did start and did not go as planned but I'm starting it up to give it another go, I will need help to get it running and putting things together, I would appreciate the help from experienced role players. It will take time before this gets back up and running, The age is 16+ please, looking for admins and server runners while I am away. If you are interested in joining the server, being an admin, Messahe my Gamertag which is JTD Wolf. Changes will be made, the biggest will be the roles, thank you for your time.



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Sounds cool. Add me. BornAgainBlake

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UPDATE: It is much harder then I anticipated to set up. It Is being set up in a team deathmatch with 2 team, police and civilians.


Civilians: Will be able to obtain jobs and earn "money" to buy weapons, jobs are garabage collecter, store cashier, drug dealer, and arms dealer (TAKEN), after working hour civilians please try your best to commit crime and report crime to make it fun for the police too. For voice chat, civilians will be in a party chat with arms dealer and drug dealer, this is so the police do not know what is happening next. If you have a crime to report (if you are commiting a crime report it only if you want a police chase) text a police gamertsg that will be given at the start of a round saying the following "911 *crime* at *location"


Police: you will be given a code name for dispatcher, there are jobs in the police for each session, there will be a normal patrol officer, a chief to lead the session, a dispatcher (also a patrol officer), and a helicopter team (2 people) there will be multiple chief at the each station and patrols will take places over the whole city.


Thank to those who have already joined


If I decide to not begin this I will post that here.


Any question, message JTD Wolf

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l 8 l Gerrard 8

My GT Is l 8 l Gerrard 8

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Add me GT : Greenscracther

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Looking to start a role-play game message me if interested

I'm thinking of having groups of people:

President and his guards (secrets service)
Gangs - Blue gang, red gang, black gang. Maybe?

No super cars or any customised cars will be used unless I've seen them and said yea that will do.

First of the gangs: will roam freely but do not shoot civilians, we don't want the crazy gta police involved. They will have there own section of the hood and be able to shoot other gang members.

Police: Will respond to calls civilians make and patrol Los santos city. Attempt to arrest the suspect by pointing there gun at them and saying lspd the suspect will use action "surrender" if arrested. And be taken to the police station (round back there is a door to the cells, I will show the police where)

Miliatry: respond to big armed gunfights, prison breaks, bank robberys. And drive the Mesa.

Civilians: drive around buy snacks from shops (before hopefully raided by gangs) go to the banks and live a normal life.

If you think this is a good idea message me

Edited by Devilking666
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Someone add me been wanting to do cops sh*t like PULL people over 

Dankthamilton is my gt for Xbox 1

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On 4/2/2015 at 2:19 PM, GtaLife2015 said:

Ok great start..


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How do we get in the roleplay


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Hey!! If anyone is interested in running your own GTAV RolePlay server for Xbox, PS3, PC, etc. Please message me on Discord @torribeccadotson#6630 or you can CLICK HERE to join a server and talk to me!! :D Can't wait to talk to ya!

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SSSO roleplay

To join SSSO Join this https://discord.gg/gpKBYQ8 xbox only

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On 4/30/2015 at 1:54 PM, GtaLife2015 said:

Still wanting more people 

hi yea umm I wanted to know if I could um.  join ur rp group u got going on 


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