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GTA 5 Roleplay server XBOX ONE


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Hi I am hoping to start a sort of atlas life on gta (if you don't know what atlas life is look on YouTube) and I'm here to see if anyone would be interested to join me.


I'm thinking of having groups of people:

President and his guards (secrets service)



Gangs - Blue gang, red gang, black gang. Maybe?



No super cars or any customised cars will be used unless I've seen them and said yea that will do.


First of the gangs: will roam freely but do not shoot civilians, we don't want the crazy gta police involved. They will have there own section of the hood and be able to shoot other gang members.


Police: Will respond to calls civilians make and patrol Los santos city. Attempt to arrest the suspect by pointing there gun at them and saying lspd the suspect will use action "surrender" if arrested. And be taken to the police station (round back there is a door to the cells, I will show the police where)


Miliatry: respond to big armed gunfights, prison breaks, bank robberys. And drive the Mesa.


Civilians: drive around buy snacks from shops (before hopefully raided by gangs) go to the banks and live a normal life.


If you think this is a good idea message me on Xbox: JTD Wolf or leave a comment below

Sorry for the gramma and accuracy.




could be a great idea gtalife2015 im definitely interested. please message me on xbox


GT: vv thebeast vvi


i do have vast experience of the roleplay community in all areas as well as managment. i have been roleplaying for about 3-4 years, as i said message me if interested asap.

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I'm very interested as I've been looking for one for a while please message me and let me know if I can join


Gt- ben n con

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Very interested, maybe I could bring some friends too. GT : MasteR LorD3OOO (The 'O's are capital letters).

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Are you all still active? My buddy and I are definitely interested in Police roles.

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