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Looking for mature heist crew (PS4)


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Looking for a decent group of players to start the heists from the beginning to get the order and loyalty bonus'. Have already completed all heists on hard and know most easy ways to do setups and heists.




- have mic for communication

- be 18 or above, or at least mature

- EU based, preferably UK due to time differences.


Players level isn't a factor for me as I've played with many lower level players who are competent.


Will also split the takes at 25% across all members, not doing it for the money, have enough already just want to complete the loyalty challenge and have fun along the way.


If you're interested add me on psn - christophhhh__ (that's 2 underscores) and will hopefully get the heists started tonight.



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Add shadowflair619 and xX_HecTiiiCs_Xx

both done the heists several times and from the UK.

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I'm in the US but if you can get past that I'm in. I've completed all the heists already as well.


GT Powder D

Edited by Powder D
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I've just had a request from you I think but my friends list went down, once it's back up ill add or accept, not sure if psn is freaking out or my connection.

I've played with numerous players from the US and have no problem with it at all, it's just when other members from the US have said they're willing to do the challenges they rarely are available at the same time, but would be willing to give it a shot

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sorry nvm, somehow missed the PS4 in the title.

sorry nvm, somehow missed the PS4 in the title.

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Typical, just been messing around with my router assuming it was that. Never a dull moment with psn.


No worries powder.

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