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War for the Overworld


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A spiritual successor to Dungeon Keeper,War for the Overworld has had a succesfull Kickstarter campaign more than 2 years ago and today the game will be released.


For people who've never played Dungeon Keeper, it's basically a strategy game revolting mainly around base-building (actually I just never got to the combat part, because I never knew what to do).


As I never tried Dungeon Keeper properly because I was too young and had no idea what was going on, this will finally allow me to play a Dungeon Keeper-like game completely (assuming there's a good tutorial). I never backed this while it was on Kickstarter but have definitely been keeping an eye on it.


There are some reviews available already here and here, if you want to know more about the game.


What's mainly interesting about this (compared to other Kickstarter games) is that it was mainly ment for just the creators to be able to play another Dungeon Keeper game;


“The entire existence of the team and the project formulated on a Dungeon Keeper fansite,” he tells me in the cavernous kitchen of the enormous Brighton house which seven Subterranean staff (and a few partners) now both live and work in. Booze, pizza and boardgames abound, there are a host of powerful-looking PCs on the downstairs floor, and it’s a place I’d give my right arm to live in, but at the same time I can see how its being a workplace is preventing it from being a home too. I have little doubt that, even this many years on, the game that Bishop once referred to as ‘Dungeon Keeper 3’ remains this team’s life.


“People were initially talking about it six, seven years ago on this site, and it’s just slowly, slowly grown since then,” Bishop explains. Their impetus was simple but clear: “We just wanted a new Dungeon Keeper game.” It took a while to truly get going, as most people were young and inexperienced, and the tools which power so many of today’s smaller games just weren’t ready yet – let alone the new funding models which could make ideas a reality without needing publisher backing. “To say we had much idea of what we were doing back when we started would be a bit of a lie,” admits Bishop. “We were incredibly inexperienced, now we’re a little bit inexperienced.”


Peter Molyneux also approved:

Edited by Fireman
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