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Create characters for the new GTA


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I am not good with names so I didn't give them any


Guy 1: This guy is the new person to the area. We haven't had a protag like this since Niko and Niko sucked. Anyways he never wanted to go here but his old friend, Girl, calls him and tells him he needs to come to this city (the first cutscene of the game). He is very similar to Niko - kind of a nod to the old character. He has black hair, wears a leather jacket and jeans and he has wicked sideburns, one of which is half covering a scar on his face. He is 31 years old. Another nod to the GTA III protag is he doesn't speak. He served some time for grand theft auto and armed robbery but recently was released on good behavior. He doesn't have a special ability and he is unafiliated with any gang, though he can choose to join if he wants.


Girl: This is the same girl that Guy 1 talked to on the phone. She is half russian half italian with ties to the mafia, and she has many tattoos. She keeps her hair short by default, but it is later customizable. She is 26 years old but very wise for her age. She has the need for speed and has a higher level of skill with jacking cars and also has an easier time driving a wide variety of vehicles, where other players take some time to adjust. She is both part of a Russian gang and part of the Dominic mafia family, both of whom are key players in the game. She is a transplant to the new city but she has been here for a few years before Guy 1. She is addicted to drugs that Guy 3 supplies. You unlock her shortly after Guy 1 arrives. You get a text from her with her location. After 5 or 6 missions you will be able to work together as a team. After another 10 or so missions you decide to break Guy 2 out of prison.


Guy 2: This man is locked in prison, awaiting Girl to break him out. He is ex-military, served in Iraq in the first gulf war. He is a weapons expert and is romantically linked to Girl. He is white with red hair. He is 45 years old, serving a life sentence for murder. Once you're out of prison you can play as all three.


Guy 3: A chinese son of billionaire, 27 years old, who runs a pharmacutical corporation called Ziabatsu. Being wealthy bores him so he has become a drug dealer and has started his own criminal operation, one that he must keep in check. His specialty is power and influence. He can get into clubs nobody else can and he knows how to fly choppers and planes. He isn't unlockable until 3/4 of the way through the game.

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Niko was the greatest GTA protagonist ever. You're a f*cking joke

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Niko is the greatest GTA protagonist of all time. How dare you even insult him.

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