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Help about my monitor (eye strain and contrast)


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I got IPS monitor for the first time recently, when I did my upgrade.


When I watch videos or play games, the black is "so black" that it looks lit up bluish or something - It's not, but it's like, it hurts my eyes man.


It's like the dark areas are so dark that they are lit, and it's like as bright as the colorful and brighter parts of the screen - it messes with my depth perception and everything.


What do I do to fix that? Is it the contrast? Should it go lower or higher? It's effing my eyes UP.


The monitor is a dell s2240m. It is the best monitor I ever owned so far, but it is also doing something crazy with the contrast that is doing my eyes in.


If you load up GTA IV and turn the contrast and brightness settings to the right combination, you can reproduce this because I could do it on my old monitor, and I don't know what to change in the monitor to make it stop hurting my eyes.


This thread is crazy, but this is doing my head in! I'm wondering if this is common and you can see I don't even know what to call it to start searching for it and what settings to change and so on. It's like, black is "so black" that the glossy finish hurts my eyes with only black behind it? It's so weird :/


edit: I turned the brightness all the way up and contrast to 80%, it alleviated some of this but it's still there. I'll tweak it over time, still nice looking, but the contrast is deep, but turning it low kills the brights and dims things too much.


I guess the only solution is to fiddle with it. I can calibrate it, but it still has this "looking at the wrong angle" twinge to the bottom of the screen.

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It may be backlight bleed, I don't know really, it's hard to say. If thats the case it's not really posible to fix it (as far as I know and I don't know much).

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It's fairly common for IPS panels, to have varying degrees of light bleed in the corners. It will make dark colors/black look blueish, and is probably what you're experiencing. I don't know what sort of monitor you were using prior to this one, but there's always an adjustment phase when using a new monitor, with brighter back light/contrast ratios. You'll get used to it over time. Oh, and always play in a well lit room. :)

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