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Abyssus MC Recruiting For XB360 & XB1


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Abyssus MC is a very well known MC within the MC community, We are a Rockstar Featured crew and have been around since Jan 19 2014. you can follow this link which will take you to the rockstar featured crew :



We at Abyssus are opening our doors to new recruits, we have players both male and female from The US, CANADA, UK, Australia & New Zealand to name a few.

Our Mission is to be a part of a brotherhood that is devoted to it's members like family. So if you like riding the steel horse & raising hell then you are in the right place, you are just a few steps away from becoming the next member of Abyssus MC. We currently are a XBOX360 & XBOX 1 ONLY crew with future plans to open a Psn charter.

We are a serious MC and only allow mature people into Abyssus MC
* Links to our application form, website and youtube cahnnel can be found at the bottom of this recruitment post
* There is always something fun & exciting happening within Abyssus MC, weather it be our monthly fight nights, poker runs, crew challenges, boat parties, burning man, car shows, crew battles or our In House competitions with small and large prizes offered to patched members ONLY. I do want to mention out TDM crew UNHOLY SIDESHOW which is only open to the best of the best shooters which we frequently go up against other MC's within the community.
To view our TDM crew follow this link : http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/unholy_sideshow
Requests to join Unholy Sideshow will not be accepted ! positions are earn't .
* We hold very strong relations to some big name notorious MC's in San Andreas such as Natives MC, Reaper Lords MC, Freelancers MC to name a few, which we also hold events with such as rides and crew battles both on xbox360 & xbox1 . If you would like to checkout our WEBSITE follow this link : http://abyssusmc4.wix.com/abyssus
You will need to be a "hangaround" first and show your presence and that you are interested in being apart of Abyssus MC we only take active Prospects which we like to see members a minimum of 3 days a week.
Once a Prospect we will not make life easy
1. Find yourself a "patched" sponsor who will guide you into becoming a "Full Patched Member" for ASMC
2. As a prospect you are expected to follow orders from all Club Officers at all times. If you can not abide by this don't bother sending us an application.
3. You must have a mic and be able to communicate with other club members effectively. If you can not communicate with other members in combat or ride situations you are of no use to us.
4. You must have your social club account visible for us to look into, If we can't see who you are, what console you are on we will not consider you as a FULL PATCH candidate. We are very selective on who gets a full patch as its not just handed out to just anyone.
4. You must own at least 1 of the following bikes.
Western Deamon, Western Bagger, Western Sovereign, LCC Hexer, LCC Inovation.
We DO NOT ride sports bikes.
5. You must have the KIK app installed on your phone so that the MC can reach you outside of gameplay.
We are a family
Full Patched Members are voted in by The National Table so prospecting lengths vairy it all depends on your gameplay and attitiude.
All of this might sound like alot or even hard to some but trust me its easy we are all about having fun and The National President & National VP work very hard at giving you a awesome gaming experience within ASMC.
If you would like to find out more about Abyssus MC head over to our Website and our youtube channel, which we upload to weekly.
feel free to like and subscribe for future content:
if you fail to answer all questions we move onto the next application
If you have any questions or troubles feel free to MSG our prospect manager who will happily lend his assistance.
We at Abyssus MC look foward to meeting new members
and want to welcome new members to
The Freakshow


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  • 4 weeks later...

FUCCCC ABYSSUS. CRIP UP! U want a real crew join the ROLLIN 30 HARLEM CRIPS. we bang on slobs all day and any other set who want it

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Still Looking for PC Members! Btw. Comparing an original mc wiht your "Crips Wangsters" is kinda shame for us :)

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The First PC Prospects got full Patched today! Officer Ranks still aviable! Teamspeak server is online!

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  • 2 weeks later...

We are still looking and growing! Officer Positions still aviable - PC Charter

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We are still looking and growing! Officer Positions still aviable - PC Charter

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  • 3 months later...
  • 4 months later...

Outcast Reapers Get Rekt

*********WATCH IN 1080 *****************


Edited by Abyssus MC
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