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How to get rid of dead passenger? (Vigilante)

OG Viking

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I have a GSF passenger in my cop car and he is dead. How can I get him out? Other member's won't take his place.


It is not an option to use a garage to get rid of him, because this is a cop car with 71,000+ health points, maybe as much as 90,000. It will spawn with 1000 HP if I put it in a garage.


I have seen an occasion where someone pulled out a dead person from a car, but I don't remember who did it or the circumstances.


I have tried to put some distance between me and the car, long enough distance for other GSF members to despawn. But the dead guy is still in the back of my car.



Edit... It doesn't matter if I have to cancel Vigilante to sort this out, I'm not past level 1 yet. Until now I have repeated level 1 all day in order to make my car strong. My plan is to see how far I can get one Police car in Vigilante.

Edited by OG Viking
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Sorry, I'm drawing a blank. My experience with Sweet in the EoL Feltzer suggests that the dead ped will persist even if you blow up the car. Good luck with this challenge. I'm curious how it will turn out. PS2v1 right? Have you thought about using the old vigilante trick of entering an interior like the Santa Maria safehouse and letting the targets fall through the planet to pass levels safely and quickly?

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I can try some cheats and see if it helps. I'm thinking about recruiting rival gang members and see if they will pull out the corpse. Perhaps flying with the car might help. I don't really want to use cheats, but I'm not going to save this game so I can try cheats if I must.


I used the Santa Maria pier to trap the criminals, I didn't use the interior trick. I've read about it before but I never used it, and I had forgotten about it. But the pier trap works fine. If they don't start driving from the end of the pier then they will exit the car when I speed towards them. If they start driving I give their car 5 sniper bullets, it destroys it. If the car is far enough away, it won't explode it'll just despawn. I then run them over. The GSF members can't kill the criminals, they are just a safeguard if I get a wanted level.


I have done level one 400 times now. I have to sleep... but the PS2 can not sleep tonight. Power outages are rare and the weather is nice so I think it's safe.


I used to think it's (PS2) v1 but it turned out to be v2.

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King Andreas

Approach near their window, aim a weapon at their head using the targeting reticle style aiming that the minigun and country rifle have and shoot.

This will relocate their corpse under the car, directly below the seat they were in. New recruits can now occupy the seat.

Edited by King Andreas
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Thank you for the tip. I don't have a minigun, but would it not hurt my car too much? I'll try with the sniper rifle. You said country rifle, but hopefully a sniper rifle will do the same.


The game have been on pause until now, I'm about to start.



I shot his head with a sniper rifle. The corpse seemed to disappear but the seat must still be occupied because I can't get three homies in the car.

Edited by OG Viking
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I'm sure it would be more fun to have a full set of homies but what I remember from previous reports is that they are of little practical use. IIRC, it has something to do with their refusal to shoot at anything CJ isn't shooting at anyway. At best I would hope for a slightly reduced risk of footcops appearing out of nowhere to bust CJ, and I'm generally all over that anyway.

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I have tried to fly with the car, crash at high speed, doing rolls in the air, and the last I tried was to park it in the sea and take a trip indoor. When I came out the corpse was still under the car. I have also tried to recruit some Aztecas but only two would enter the car.

I think I should have tried some of this before I tried to shoot him out.


Maybe squeeze the car with a Packer and see if the explosion will separate the corpse from the car?


The homies are very useful to return fire, on higher levels the criminals will shoot at us. They also shoot at cop cars, but this may do more harm than good because of the explosions.

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I doubt that you will be able to dislodge the ped using physics. He is mostly likely "attached" to the seat. Maybe taking a photo. I seem to remember that this used to detach trailers from trucks. I doubt it will work but it seems more likely that crashes and explosions.

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Just photographing the car? It makes no sense but I have to try it. There's many things that defies any sense so perhaps it might work.


It should really be a "raise dead" cheat. Or better, corpses should disappear after a while.


I wonder if I could get wasted near a hospital and not having the car impounded or deleted. Many times when I have been wasted near a hospital, a few cop cars from before I got wasted are still there. Maybe getting wasted could delete the corpse without deleting the car?

If the game will always delete/impound the last two cars CJ possessed, maybe this could work if CJ enter two cars after the police car, before he die.

But dying is high risk so I hesitate doing it.

Edited by OG Viking
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I guess you wonder what happened. It didn't go very well, it ended before I started the mission. I turned my back to the police car and someone stole it. My 100,000 HP police car gone.

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