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MC Patch request.


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Hey guys, I need help with a big request and I'd really appreciate if someone could do this.


The MC already has a patch, but we wanted it to look more realistic. Here's the original piece: http://i.imgur.com/WAUnSxt.png


As I said, If possible I'd like it to look "real", with stitching and leather details in the top/bottom rockers (and also the 1% diamond and the MC patch) like some other work here in the forum.

The font (Carnivalee Freakshow) and the style of the rockers can be the same, but there's no problem if you prefer to change it to fit your work better. Edit: what's written remains the same. Blazes of Glory on the top rocker and Chicago on the bottom rocker.

About the colors I'd like to ask for two versions of the patch: one is grey/light grey (the letters, center patch and the rocker contour) and the other is red (you can decide the scale that fits better) in the same places.


The other request I have is related to the patch. If possible I'd also like some tags (or badges) in the same style as the patch (leather, stitching details and in "grey version") for the following: BFFB; ROUTE 66; GOD'S LEFT HAND; PRESIDENT; V. PRESIDENT; SGT. AT ARMS; SECRETARY; TREASURER; THE WISE ONE; ROAD CAPTAIN; ROAD CAPTAIN ASSIST.




Sorry to ask such a big ass request, but I know you guys do an outstanding job that I'd probably would never be capable of, lol. Thanks for reading and for anyone that is willing to help. (:

Edited by Andrucioli
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