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Nomad LS - Alone we decide


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Nomad LS

We ride alone, and have no requirements from each other. We notice a friend on the road, we know we have an ally. We need partners in crime, there's someone there. But our way is the alone way, it's not all about the crew.


I don't care about age, but act older than 20 regardless. I hear bickering and stupid sh*t over mics, or get wind of it - you're out. Nomads are decisive, aware, awake. There's no place for child mentality in this crew.


Each member is expected to hold themselves up, self reliant and without rules.


Crew Statement:

  1. We have no allegiance, we are merely Nomads in communication.
  2. We do not worship the president, the hierarchy or those above like the other Herds do.
  3. We recruit those who play alone, and those who gain our respect in doing so.
  4. We may reach out to each other, but there is no expectation above that of an ally.
  5. We are always fair to each other.
  6. We act with decisiveness, maturity and intelligence.

Code Of Honour - to break it observably, is the only thing that will get you exiled.

  1. We act with reserve, talk with discernment and feel no dissapointment.
  2. We ride with clarity, without distorted stupidities and immaturity.
  3. We are open to the call of another member.
  4. We stand alone, Ride alone, Kill alone, Die alone.
  5. One for One, All for All.
  6. Allegiance is not slavery.
  7. The Nomad respects no one as superior, no one as inferior within the crew.
  8. We strive to be the elite solitary.
  9. When all others have quit, we remain and finish the job at our own sacrifice regardless of the outcome.
  10. It is ourselves who are responsible for the crew, and it's recruitment and it's reputation.

This is a brand new crew, don't expect it all now. Hopefuly with a good amount of members, we can have a presense and a reputation. You don't need to run anything past me. You want to make a website, your own nod to the crew- that's your incentive. You are the Nomad, you are the authority of this crew. First members get stuck into the higher ranks for the sakes of paper-work. You notice someone in the crew leaching on other members, hanging about you when you don't want them to - you let me know.


President's job is to administrate releases, and admissions. If you invite someone, tell me - it means they're in. Just make sure they can hold their own first.



Edited by king-rotty
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