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Recruiting reliable adult PS4 players for hesists and high level missi


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I have recently started a new crew for players who don't have any back up when it comes to finding reliable and good players to do heists and high level missions with, I am also level 99. I currently have another crew I work alongside with but they do not play as regular as I do so I am starting a crew for Nomadic Players who want to get on with the game. The crew is for players who are over the age of 18, have a mic and speak good English.


Crew Name - Nomadic Bloodz

Crew Leader - MikEviDz86

Crew Type - Aggressive

Platform - PS4

Aims - To complete Heists, high level missions and earn as much RP and cash as possible


I am not interested in having a crew full of players that are not active, but if you want to join and you do not fit the criteria for doing higher level missions/heists you are still more than welcome to join and I will help you get the necessary levels/cash to compete at a higher level. All crew members will receive equal payment for heists with the leader taking a bigger cut due to initial heist fees. Please have a rockstar social account and be on PS4!


To be considered for recruitment please email [email protected] and give me a brief description of what you are aiming to achieve or add me on twitter @mikevidz86


Alternatively add me in game MikEviDz86 and I will meet you in game to discuss your potential or alternatively send an invite to the link below:




This is a new crew and members will be hand picked and must have the desire to help other characters get on, that's not to say we wont be having fun in freeroam killing and attacking other crews and players that oppose us!


I'll look forward to hearing from you soon!


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Still recruiting looking to do the Prison Break Heist tonight around 8PM UK time, need a pilot, demo and prisoner. I have already completed this heist once and am willing to split the pot 20% 20% 20% 40% (me taking the higher cut as it cost 40.000 to start) all set up missions need to be done as well, great chance to pull in over 100k in cash tonight! Details to apply above!

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