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Have you ever encountered bad luck in GTA Online?


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Have you ever gotten into bad luck situations in GTA Online? Did something ever go wrong solely because of luck?


I have a couple of bad luck situations.


I was doing the Prison Break heist with some friends and we got to the part where we take off in the Velum. I was in demolitions and I took down a police chopper. The chopper crashed down onto the Velum.


Earlier today, my team and I were set to continue our Criminal Mastermind run, but one of our teammates had an emergency. I know we couldn't do anything about it, but it still sucked that we couldn't continue.

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The worst bad luck I've encountered is dealing with the server issues. I think the whole community has had bad luck concerning the issue.

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Retired Mafia

i tried to break the record of longest police chase i had. this also required to actually escpape and not die. afther an good hour of a policr chase our vehicle got stuck between 3 trees on a mountain. we decided to go on on foot. the nearest road was far away so we couldn't call for a car. also my friend and i couldn't steal a cop car since only choppers where spawning.

we continued walking and kept shooting choppers down. till the moment that my friend shot down a police chopper and it rolled off a mountain, coming straight at me. the funniest things was that it allmost stopped right in front of me. it just hit me a little bit causing me to trip over and die... i had no health because of the damage i took by some police choppers. i had a good laugh but since i didn't escape i didn't break my record.

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I got my car stuck in a tree back near launch.


Called the fire department, and they didn't do anything.

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Car stuck on top of the gate facing north. Tried to jump the ramp at the airport. Wasn't really paying attention so Idk how I ended up facing north perfectly on top of the fence.

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my controller seem to be acting up... gotta buy a new one.


local stores still have a $50 pricetag on the ps3 controllers, now thats bad luck!

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I got my car stuck in a tree back near launch.


Called the fire department, and they didn't do anything.


Yeah, me too, sucks when your car is stuck up a tree and the nearest road is a 10 minute walk.



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Engaged in a gun fight...shots being fired near me by other gun fights....start moving get run over by an ai pedestrian someone shoots me while down...the other is actually dying from getting run over....always happens. '-'

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Lord Darantuin

Hahaa, daily.. It's me being jinxed like that. My latest experience is from less than 12 hours ago.


I was at Match Point in a game of Tennis (one more score and the match is over after all those 6 rounds), and suddenly the game disconnects from Online (which normally never happens to me, maybe once every 20-30 hours of game play). So the match ends up with me "forfeitting" ... Too bad it was a daily objective so I had to start all over again, at 2 am in the morning.


Stuff like this literally happens to me on a daily basis :D I dunno how many other people share my horrible luck in gaming related stuff.

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Sussus Amongus

Was being chased by a Duke o' Death and I got my Bati stuck between the barbed wire on the fence un the airport. :sui:

Edited by Cake* Games
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