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[Ps3] Need Skilled players for Heists going for Criminal Mastermind&#3


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Also will be doing Loyalty and All in order challenges.

Leave your stats

Two groups of 2 Players will divide and do flecca job then meet up and do rest of heists as a team.

Cut will be 25% for each player.

Have to be a team player!

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You still on bro? I'm sick of bad players! Add me ASAP:


Edited by Ambient_
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I'm so down for this. I can host Fleeca. I have a mic. Will communicate with you for fleeca & follow up, and I won't just leave like some people.
PSN: joshybox2244


Edited by joshybox2244
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EDIT: Team-Position filled, send me a PM if you are interested in joining a crew.

Edited by The GTAway Driver
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I've got a couple players ready. I've gotten tired of trying to coordinate entire team when most people won't even respond. If you can respond to your messages or if you've got teammates to bring, add me on PSN: RedEye420.


Rank: 190

Mic: Yes

Teammates to bring: Yes

Daily Player: Yes

Behaves Appropriately: Yes


Honestly it seems like most people can't play these heists right. If you must fire your weapon off constantly when you are the passenger or can't even chill for a second and drink a pisswasser while you wait for the entire team to arrive, don't even add me. If you want to wear ridiculous clothing and beer hats please go find some other teenagers to play alongside. If you can't even respond to your messages when people ask if you want to join...please don't add me. If you can't accept not being leader/driver every single mission... don't add me. Happy to share duties as long as people are capable to handle them and that's not always the case.


My teammates and I like to play seriously. If you can't accept your role and play appropriately, don't even bother adding me. If you are looking for a couple serious players who can behave appropriately and are willing to go after the challenges, add RedEy420 on PSN. I have a finale ready for testing/interviews.

I added you.

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Hit man I've added you, my PSN is Wato_Webster if anyone else wants to add me. I have a mic but don't use it, because it's not necessary if you know what you are doing and have played all of the heist missions numerous times before. Typically, everybody I've played with who has a mic just want to tell everyone else what to do.

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if still needing me add: Darth_Perdovicus

can only do it in the weekends though

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you got rekt sorry

Edited by The GTAway Driver
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