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Connection Issues PS3


Recommended Posts

* NAT Type (strict, moderate, open)


* Approximation of your internet quality (Good, best on the planet, McDonalds connection)

I'd say good - BT infinity

* Ethernet or wireless


* State the issue clearly and as specifically as possible to reduce confusion

Can't join GTA online from main menu (by holding square) Or from story mode menu by clicking "join gta online" and even "join friends". Final outcome results in a "ALERT - timed out locating session please return to grand theft auto V and try again later."

* Events that lead up to the issue

Over the course of approx. 1-2 months there was issues. Me and my friend completed the tutorial so we can go play, we did this and it worked for a while but then it started saying I needed to do the tutorial again but it was all ready done, same thing happened to my friend. So this stopped online play and I was put in my own session by myself. But then things got worst shortly after for me only, I say this only because I was unable to even join any session or online play at all because of the above message despite getting invites from the same friend previously mentioned. So since then I haven't really been able to do any online play which is incredibly disappointing.

* What session you were in when the issue occurred (Public, Invite only, Crew session, etc)

Story mode

* Aiming preference (Free aim, Assisted aim, etc)

None? Doesn't matter in relation to question I don't think.

* Sauce (source)- Any pictures, videos, etc that can visually depict the issue


* GT or PSN ID for meet-ups and what not


* GTA Online Version

Think it is the latest version, console has automatic updates I think.

So hi there guys, I wrote this on behalf of my younger brother as we have tried for ages in trying to work around and get this to work as I brought the game for him as a Christmas present but shortly after it all went wrong. Sorry if parts seem lacking but he couldn't remember completely all details. Any help is appreciated as we are both confused, even after reading various things. On what to do. It's also this game and this game alone that is having online issues.

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This is a problem with BT. They upgraded firmwire on January 23rd (I bet this is when the trouble happened right?) which made it near impossible to join lobbies with other people. The problem lies with them using outdated code on their home hubs which is affecting GTA the most.

There is a work around, I'll edit this post soon with what it is as I don't have it on me currently.

I had the same issues as you and the workaround has fixed it ever since.

Edited by Lay
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Here is the rough guide:


Log into your home hub and go into Advanced Settings - I think it then will ask you to continue to advanced settings, click on that and then find 'UpnUp' and disable it. Disable the firewall as well.


Now log into your console, go to network settings, and then click Internet connection settings. Now from here follow the steps and type in any relevant information needed, however the two things you HAVE to do are the following:


Disable UpnUp when given the option and change your DNS settings for Primary and Secondary. For primary type in for Secondary type in Then clear the cache on your console and start the game.



Let me know if this fixes the issue.

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Thanks for the feedback guys, I'll get my younger brother to do the quick Nat change option first before trying to help him with the hub. Will let you know of the results on Friday maybe.

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