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{PS4} Pacific Heist Finale -Tonight-


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Firstly, I am NOT looking for now, I'm usually playing around or after 10pm PST. I need 3 people for the finale and would like to do it the "easier way" meaning someone who has an apt with armored kuruma nearby or who is familiar with the helicopter method. I have not used these methods personally so am somewhat fuzzy on the details. I want to maximize payout here and am giving an even 25% split. I don't have a mic but I know how to use my ears, I'm level 134 and better than average and I have done this heist twice before. Looking for respectable level players, {ideal would be 120 but not a level snob,miniguns just help} who know what they are doing and understand what their inventory is for.

Edited by PlasmicSnake
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Getting into other people's pv seems to be fixed so you can't get in for that part. I did it consistently before last week but since it seems to always be locked for everyone else.

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Well thats a downer. Do helicopters still spawn or are they hit or miss? or at the least the jetskis/boats in the harbor?

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Someone posted a video of all 4 riding the bikes together going through the grass and staying off-road until you got to the train tracks. Then follow the tracks to Raton canyon. Then just following the road to the dinghy. Hardly any cops spawned and they got over $million. I would like to try that method. I tried it the other night. But couldn't get the other 3 to follow me. They just stuck to lesters route or there own. I ended up with too much heat at Raton canyon on my own. Supposedly if you all stay together. There will be very little heat in Raton canyon. After several different methods. We succeeded by all stealing the 1st car we saw and following lesters route. This crew was mostly around rank 50 and wasn't very cooperative and we lost half are take. I've also done the amoured vehicle method with a better crew successfully. We all went to are own garages and got are amoured vehicles. We got allot of heat. But still made it out with over a $million. Anyways, I'm down to help you and will probably be on tonight. I'm rank 322 and my PSN is: theicide. I'm Surprised by how many players on ps4 don't have mics. Didn't every ps4 come with a mic? I know it's crappy but it's better than nothing.

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Or you could ride down to the armored police car at the first little jump and get in that. Bullet proof. Hit me up on psn Greatfulcook if you want i'll run with you

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