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[PS3 Roleplay!] Rancho Los Caminos


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Hello, dear members of the community!


This crew is a street gang role-play crew. I founded it today, because I desperately looked for a proper gang role-play crew, but since I didn't find any good crews, I founded my own. It is loosely based upon the Vagos from the 3D universe in terms of vehicles and clothing.

We try to maintain a good amount of realism in our gameplay while still having fun together and play the actual game.

Obviously, it is your duty as a member to role-play at any given time this crew is active. So, if you're playing a deathmatch, at least try to think about why you are killing all these other guys and girls in the context of our gang.

Enough talk, let's get into seriousness.







  • Background story
  • ​Values and aims
  • Current situation
  • Daily life and how the crew works
  • Our style
  • How to apply
Background story


In 2008, some members of the Vagos were unhappy with the current situation in the gang. Senseless murder became more common, and while the Ballas grew even bigger, the leaders of the Vagos were arguing about internal issues so much they let the Ballas gain more and more territory.

These members went away from the Vagos and set up an own project independent from the Vagos themselves.

Now, in 2015, the Rancho Los Caminos control South Rancho and a small part of East Davis.


Values and aims


To further ensure that the Rancho Los Caminos won't suffer from the same issues the Vagos currently do, a few basic values were set.

  • No member of the Rancho Los Caminos is allowed to murder just for fun or for selfish reasons
  • The leader of the RLC is supposed to ensure that the gang itself is always supplied with weapons and vehicles
  • The Ballas are the worst enemy of the RLC. No exceptions.
  • The style of the RLC must be accepted by anyone who is affiliated with the gang and further, anyone who is active in the crew has to wear and drive our clothes and vehicles. Exceptions are races, private issues or camouflage situations.
In the next month, the Rancho Los Caminos are aiming towards controlling all of Rancho and holding off the Balla offensive from Davis and Strawberry.


Current situation


The Rancho Los Caminos have a friendly connection with the Vagos and all their allies.

The Rancho Los Caminos are in an infinite war against the Ballas.


The Rancho Los Caminos currently consist of one member(s).


Daily life and how this crew works


So you're a member of the gang and don't know what to do or how to get higher in the hierarchy?

Here are some basic ideas for activities with the hombres:


  • Go cruise around Rancho and Davis and have a look for Ballas
  • Rob a store with some of the homies
  • (RP) Go and see some of our business partners and arrange a deal
  • (RP) Go and plan an attack on the Ballas. Preferably with your fellow members.
These were some very basic ideas for activities. You can surely think of more roleplaying stuff to do. Remember to stay IC!


In this crew, you can win score for these jobs. All you have to do is post an imgur album or a single proof image of the job you have done and the hombres who were with you. Depending on the difficulty and the result, we will give you points for the job you've done.

For all the uncreative people, here is a template for a documentation:


Description: (Describe in detail what happened, where you met up, what you have planned, what happened during the job, what happened afterwards)

Members: (Who were you with?)

Proof image


Our style


How we roll? Lowriders of course! Our main vehicles for cruising and getting around are the Mañana and the Peyote. When we are in a shootout or in another combat situation, we use SUVs such as the Baller.

All of our vehicles are primarily yellow, of course.


Some examples of our gang cars:








Clothing-wise, we are quite open for new trends.

Usually, gang members wear yellow tank tops with beige pants, but it's up to you. But please don't wear ridiculous clothing or the colors of another gang.

If you need ideas, you can take a look into the spoiler down below for some examples.








By the way, tattoos, especially big ones, are a welcome appearance. :) Feel free to wear as many tattoos as you like.


How to apply


Just post in this thread. Please provide the following information:

  • Role-play name (Please use something in Spanish if your character looks hispanic!)
  • Why do you want to join the Rancho Los Caminos?
  • If your character isn't hispanic, why does he/she consider to join the Rancho Los Caminos?
  • PSN and Social Club name
Thank you for reading this. Have fun! :)


Social Club: http://de.socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/rancho_los_caminos

E-Mail: [email protected]

Edited by Wavesittich
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Hi interested in joining up just wondering what sort of time you will be online usually

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Hi interested in joining up just wondering what sort of time you will be online usually

Depends. As I'm still a student, I will be online usually every day from 2:00 pm CET to 7:00pm. Some days I will come home later and some days I won't play at all. But I think this will work out quite well when we have more members.


Thanks for being interested tho.

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