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New PC


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I am going to buy a new PC. I want it to run all recent games (Far Cry 4, Alien Isolation, Battlefield: Hardline etc.) and upcoming games like MK X and GTA V at highest settings with 60 FPS. So, i find one and i want to know is it worth it.

Ram - 16GB

Video card - AMD Radeon R9 280 3GB GDDR5 Overclocked 3GB GDDR5 384bit HDMI/DVI

CPU - AMD FX-8300 3.30GHz до 4.20Ghz,16MB,Socket AM3 (8 cores)


That's all the information i know, but i think it is enough. I suck at these things so please, don't laugh at me.

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Combining AMD CPU with AMD GPU is not a good idea - AMD cards work better on CPUs with good single threaded performance, which is not the case with the FX. I think that i5 would be a better buy anyway.

Also, 16GBs of RAM is kinda pointless for a gaming rig.


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I can just buy the parts separately and build the PC. My friend told the configuration, so i wanted to know is it good for newer games overall.

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Well, as I said I'd change it a bit. Also, it definitely doesn't meet your requirements (playing upcoming games maxed out at 60FPS), but you'd have to spend tons of cash to achieve that, so maybe it's best to be just a bit more realistic with your expectations ;)

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At least it will be better than my 3 years old laptop :colgate: . And that was just an example. I will wait a few months before i decide what to purchase. Anyway, thanks! :^:

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