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Freeze in loading screens (Heists)


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Hi there, PS3 player here and I registered here to see if I can find a solution to the problem I've been having lately.


Ever since the Heists update has come out, it seems like my loading screens continue to freeze. For instance, when I've completed a job, it takes forever to return to a GTA online session. The freeze also occurs when I want to view other players joining a job. The freeze lasts several minutes and I can't do anything in the meantime. The playstation does respond to me pushing the PS button, so somehow it seems to be in the game itself.


The funny thing is, when I play together with my brother (also PS3), he does not have the same issues. He has normal loading times.


Last weekend I restored my PS3 to the factory settings to see if that would change anything. Sadly, it hasn't.


Does anyone have an idea what it could be? I find it very frustrating. In stead of being a fun game to play, it has turned into a waiting game in stead.



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Current gen systems have the same issue, just not as often. There really is no fix but from what I've read, try going into a private lobby, inviting friends for heist and go from there.

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You think that's bad? My game (also PS3) tends to freeze for 10 minutes when going into the menu, using the phone, entering the garage, using the bongo...


I found that when the game messes up like this, I need to quit the game completely and restart it, then it may behave for a few hours until it feezes or disconnects for some other reason.


Oh yea, when I'm starting the game, I need to boot into story mode, and go to online from there. If I press square while the story is loading to go into online directly, it can take half an hour to load, generally to a connection error so it boots me to story anyway.

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