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Lethal Vaccine

How to Obtain an AP Cabbie (iOS/Android)

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Lethal Vaccine

Thanks to Viv1d-Shadows for pointing this out to me in this topic here.


We should all know by now that once you complete 15 Taxi Fares in a row, you unlock "Taxi Shield" which means all Cabbies found in Liberty City driving around are completely BP (Bullet Proof).


However, there is a glitch that was brought to my attention about an AP (All Proof - BP/DP/EP/FP ; Bullet, Damage, Explosion, and Fire Proof) Cabbie being *temporarily* obtainable at anytime during the game. I say temporarily obtainable because once you put this beast in the garage, it reverts back to only BP. The garages in CTW eat every special property a vehicle possesses except its BP property. So this AP Cabbie is only good for having fun with before putting it into a garage. You can use it on missions, you can use it for police pursuits, you can use it to ram cars and just do fun things driving around, etc. Just don't put it into the garage. But even if you do, who cares, because you can always get another very easily at any time. :D


How to Obtain It:


Getting it requires absolutely no luck or skill. In other words, it's very, very easy to get. Anybody can do it, literally, and it can be done at any stage of the game. All you have to do is have completed the Taxi Side Mission with a Gold Medal. Now, just hail for a Cab to come pick you up and take you to a destination on the map. Once you are driven to your destination and get out of the back seat of the Cabbie, just quickly run forward and jack the Cabbie from the guy who just drove you to your destination. This Cabbie is AP and completely indestructible. The only ways it will be destroyed is if you tip it upside down or ditch it into the water where it will become un-retrievable.


Enjoy your new AP Cabbie! :)



EDIT: Confirmed it does NOT work on Nintendo DS. Now we just need to see if it works on PSP, but I doubt it.

Edited by Militia

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Well, I don't know about PSP, but this doesn't work on DS, that's for sure. After I hail the cab, finish the ride and jack it it's neither BP nor DP. Not sure about FP or EP but I doubt they'll be anything if they're not at least BP or DP already.

Edited by TheRevolution

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Lethal Vaccine

OP edited with the DS findings. Now we just need someone to test it on PSP.


That's a real bummer, though. However, I think you can still get an AP Spanish Lords Burrito from "The Warehouse Raid." Just do NOT activate the Side Mission. Just go get the Burrito sitting in the back of the Warehouse and drive it out. It's AP, and infinitely obtainable from what I hear and what it says on IGN.


But as always, if you get the AP Spanish Lords Burrito and try and put it into the Garage, it's now just a BP Spanish Lords Burrito and not AP anymore.

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Lethal Vaccine

LOL...Yeah, I clearly stated you can only temporarily obtain it since anything put into the Garage that has more properties other than BP, will be deleted.


But what is cool is you can ALWAYS get this AP Cabbie at any moment's notice and as many AP Cabbies as you'd like. Same for the AP Spanish Lords Burrito from the Warehouse Raid Side Mission. As long as you don't activate the Side Mission, you can actually jump over the locked gate after jumping on top of a Car, and then vault over the gate and simply walk/run past the guards and get into the AP Spanish Lords Burrito and drive out. You can do this infinitely as well. So there is 2 AP Vehicles in CTW that you can get at any time you want. The Warehouse Raid, however, is unlocked only after the Story Mission "Kenny Strikes Back."

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Lennart -

Has someone tested ot on psp already? I'd do that in a few hours.

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Lethal Vaccine

Don't think it was ever confirmed or not on PSP...Just DS and Mobile.

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