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GTA V PC 25% off and hasn't even released?

GTA Master 007

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What is dignity


Lol, what? $45? Already? I doubt it. It's not released yet.


Some places do off pre-order discounts Steam does it all the time.




It's a pretty awesome practice. The guys behind Steam know how to market games. Consoles (MS / SOe) on the other hand . . .


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Lol, what? $45? Already? I doubt it. It's not released yet.


Green Man Gaming had it for around that price range weeks ago and it's a trustworthy site right next to official sites like Steam.


But yeah it's pretty common, there are plenty of other games that go on sale before release, look at Witcher 3 for example.


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yeah greenman gaming 45€


i'm really tempted since i havent bought, or even played any version of GTA5 yet.


the only "downside" to greenmangaming is a direct download from rockstar. i'd prefer it on steam, since they allow me to download the game after a month aswell

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Yeah, gamers-outlet seems the best choice for a Steam version at the moment. But it's out of stock for a while now, not sure if they plan to sell more copies. Btw, i bought it from there too a couple of months earlier and it keeps torturing me since then, waiting for the release and all.

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i bought it third time and pay off the full price is R deserve that? :lol:

Edited by Antaxi
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Don't buy it anywhere except Steam or these approved Steam key-resellers if you don't want the chance of your game being taken from you.




If you've not heard before, shady places where they offer "discounted" games are usually stolen keys. While you might save $10+ there is a chance that your game will be deleted from your account, which Rockstar, or any other developer has every right to do so. On top of that you may see "VPN activated" keys for even less. This can even result in your Steam account being permanently banned.


Seriously for around $10 dollars more, I'd rather be safe and just buy it from the right place.

Edited by Crystal3lf
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I wouldn't feel safe buying from anyone other than Steam or Rockstar.


So if you buy the digital version direct from Rockstar, I assume they just give you a Steam code for the game?

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