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dubsta 6x6 or guardian?


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I'm about to buy one of them and from reading another topic, so far the guardian is better?


I'm not sure which one to buy...

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Guardian, according to most of the people on this forum. Dubsta was cool at the time but it is almost irrelevant now. I wouldnt buy one as I just sold mine to make room for an insurgent.

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The guardian sucks because the back end is too light. Hit anything and it wants to spin around 180 on you every single time. At least the dubsta is stable and doesn't generally shift on impact which makes it the better one to use generally. The guardian just looks good but I regretted mine after finding out how light it is and wants to spin every time someone breathes on you compared to the dubsta.

Edited by BlueSocks
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I have the Insurgent, BlueSocks


I'm looking for another bad-ass vehicle to go with my collection

Edited by NEONSTAR2000
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I kind of changed my mind and figured I didn't want to be "that guy" who comes in and says something completely different lol. I'd go with the dubsta every single time unless for some reason looks matter that much or the industrial class that comes with the guardian matters.

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I have both and really would not like having to give one away. The Dubsta 6x6 is the better vehicle overall, but the Guardian looks like a beast and you can do some silly stuff with it like transporting those huge orange balls.

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Make a poll. People like polls.



Some people like poles.

Some people are Poles.


How do I make a poll?

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Dubsta. It's faster than a fully-upgraded Guardian - by a big margin. It's also 125k cheaper.


Plus you know - six wheels.

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Guardian, you can stand in the back with miniguns (or weapons of your choice) without falling out. I don't know if the dubsta has been patched so you can do the same but couldn't when i owned 1.

Edited by Wallace21
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