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Heist dlc storyline, new characters ,future heist


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things I've noticed since heist dlc.

who is johnny tung? his books are all over ur apartment and he has a huge office.



if u noticed jewelry stores, and a few banks have now been updated w interiors.

the Lom bank, the Blaine county bank have interiors.


what are some ideas of where the next batch of heist will take place and why???



REASON 1. THERE was way too much space for the dlc to only get adversity mode, 5 heist, new vehicles & clothes


anything to add? by all means

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The Blaine County bank has always had interiors.


You know, one of the major heists takes place there in GTA V.

JohnXina - Discord Emojispacer.pngJohnXina - Discord Emoji

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The Blaine County bank has always had interiors.


You know, one of the major heists takes place there in GTA V.


LMAO this is what pisses me off,some people plsy like 1 story mission and go straight to online -__-

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I suspect the Prison Break/Humane Labs combo plays into an SP add-on or a complete secondary LS Stories style mission.


I also suspect that all of the resources that were going to be applied to SP DLC were moved to GTAO/Hists. It was a fully scripted, SP-style set of interlocking adventures with GTAO protagonists instead of SP protagonists.


But, you've got the two linked bank hists (Fleeca->Pacific).

You've got the two linked shadowruns (Prison->Humane).

Then you've got oddball Series A, which is certainly usable as a springboard to further adventures which may, or may not, be factored into the SP story line (I hated Trevor's entire storyline and concept, and tuend most of it out as being neccessary noise).

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If Rockstar wants to continue with GTAO and not abdoned it, then they WILL add more heists IMO

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