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Why being broke is the best thing ever


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Ok so I was grinding as usual, and then I get bored of doing missions non stop, so I select freemode. I am separated from my friend as he plays auto aim, and all of a sudden a tank insurgent pickup duo come at me. I am shook, they get me, so I call in my z-type, so they at least suffer some penalty

Over time, I was able to blast the pickup guy, because the genius was driving it solo instead of teaming up with the tanker. Someone else got the tank. In the process I even blasted my z-type and had to pay the insurance. I hate it when I have to pay the insurance when i blast my own vehicle, hate as in, I feel stupid (nothing against the system)
Then the tank guy brings an insurgent and starts trying to grief me( I enjoy the combat, feels like I am playing GTA with some one else ) So I proceed to lose out on some big money, which I hate, considering I grind hard for it, and I have to prepare for my SATs and I really don't have enough time. I literally play the game secretly. Anyway, I then decided, that I ll spend ALL of my money. Called for my z-type from mors, got gold, 100% armor and all performance mods, and did the same for my insurgent, except gave it a chrome secondary and bronze primary. I splurged the leftover cash on ammo, and realized I had unlocked the RPG as well ( I just reached 100) Then I went on a full on killing spree, got the bounty and kills platinum award, blew up enemy cars and didn't give a damn. I made enough from the bounties to fund my ammo, but contact services were a no-no
I read it here only, If you play without caring for money, you ll have the most fun, and I am here to verify that claim. From being a player who doesn't go below 500000 gta$ since we got that much from r* I am now a 0$ player and I am loving every bit of it.
Try it once,

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Retired Mafia

10 seconds later:

~Failed to pay mechanic bill, you'll not be able to call for your car again~


enjoy the good life.

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If you want new stuff, yeah. I wanted a hydra but I gave up since no time. But i dont pay a single dime for the insurgents I blasted

If you want new stuff, yeah. I wanted a hydra but I gave up since no time. But i didnt* pay a single dime for the insurgents I blasted

It's not that hard earning 350 every game day. One store you are good to go. You don't even pay it if you don't play for 48 mins straight

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Smooth Longsack

I'm broke but i own everything... it's fun to have to kill a player, Rob a store or steal and sell a car so you can afford to call Pegasus. You'll be super pissed about not having johnny on the spot though. So when your mechanic is unavailable, finding an infernus on the street feels like old gta games.

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I don't own a lot but I have all the indispensables. And robbing stores for a c4 is the most fun. I am not that poor to not to be able to pay Johnny tho. That much I pick from Npcs

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broke life is good...


til you want a car from your garage and cant have it delivered because you dont have money to pay your daily fees.


or when you want to go off radar for a easy kill or escape some griefer but you cant because you have no money.


or when you that guy would try to run you over and a good placed stickybomb would get you the kill BUT you have no stickybombs and no money to buy them...


i can go all day naming all stuff you cant do thank to NOT having money in a game that revolves around money.


anyway looc yrots hurb

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Soran Is On

I'd prefer having so much money I don't notice blowing up 10 insurgents.


Did I start with 11 million or 10.9 I can't remember. Oh well *boom* another 16k well spent.

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Ok let me rephrase, broke being no cash. I have 10 ballers in my garage, plus I ll do a quick mission if I don't have enough ammo. If you read the post maybe you forgot bout the part I said I splurged on ammo

Tl Dr I stocked myself for free roam fun

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Dick Grayson

I can't stand being under 3 million, a few months ago I had ~600k and thought I was rich as f*ck. Eventually my money grew, I began purchasing a cash card every few weeks here and there and grinding races and Snipers Vs Stunters. This brought me up to 7 million. Heists taught me the value of money in GTA Online.... had 7 million before, 2.3 after, 4 cash cards and multiple heists later I'm back where I want to be.

Edited by wowsux133
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Brother you were always broke.

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Ps I have the live a little achievement, and don't compare myself with all you veterans. I am a student who doesn't earn money, with only 7d in the Game since oct'13 @mach1bud. Pure legit player, not that I didn't wanna glitch, was always too late

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Broke life sucks, billion life is best life.


Oh, I still remember those glorious days... Air strikes, mercenaries, and muggers non-stop. The ability to go on a tank rampage and blow up hundreds of POVs. Modifying your Adder with an ignition bomb. Buying every single Pegasus vehicle, weapon, and outfit.... All without ever worrying about running out of cash.


Still brings a tear to my eye

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Being broke is awesome against free roam trolls using high priced insured vehicle to attack you in free roam thats for sure...lol

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@Gbrown I regret not being able to play during those days the most. Literally that's my worst Vg mistake apart from playing lester missions before completing the big score

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being broke sucks

for not to care about money one has to have a lot of money first

i mean, a couple of days ago some kid on a mic: lol you just destroyed my zentorno, you are gonna pay for that

i was thinking: see like i care :)


he left soon after i blew him up a second time :)

Edited by goldadderXD
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Arrows to Athens

I'd rather go on a killing spree and blow up everything in sight with billions in my bank.

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My poetry's deep, and I'm Stillmatic, the way I flow to this beat

You can't sit still, it's like trying to smoke crack and go to sleep

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You could just keep all your loot as cash on a 2nd player slot and avoid all fees. Food for thought...

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Being broke keeps the game interesting. When you have nothing left to blow your money on, you're only reason to keep playing is to have "fun", but even that gets boring.


You either die a grinder, or live long enough to see yourself become the griefer.

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lol have fun starting a "hist" whenever you want, taking a shower whenever you want or calling your mechanic when you need a ride.

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^ that is so true. I never initiate, but 7 different players leveled 27 to 130 something killed me and I owned all of them and I fought atleast 4 of those simultaneously, not bragging even I was surprised how well I did since I didn't worry bout the money and proceeded to spawn kill the sh*t out of them

@avi88 I did that too I forgot to mention. 100000 in a level 3 female with an awesomesauce Michaels car I forgot the name f*ck, and a nice red suit

Can't get enough players for heists anyway, got 40k stuck on the prison break one, been doing as a crew member since then

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Everything you described can be done and enjoyed even more if you are rich:


Crazy splurging and free roam rampages + you have enough money to keep doing it as much as you want...

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In the billionaire days this game got boring for me, no need to do anything but free roam battling.

I got rid of all my millions


Rather be a broke ass, guess I'm the only one that doesn't want free money.


Kids want everything now!

Edited by maz9000
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