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The Vigilante Update


Recommended Posts


When a city like Los Santos becomes too overrun with criminals, sometimes they need to police themselves. Introducing The Vigilante Update, featuring highly requested items and game modes as well as some extras.


Game Modes/Jobs:


Vigilante Missions

Story Mode: Lester has taken on a contract from a bent cop to eliminate some of the more problematic hard criminals in the city. He will call Franklin and inform him that he has a good sized list of "persons of interest" that his client would like dealt with, and that the easiest way to find them will be to steal a police cruiser and use the LSPD criminal database to determine their last known whereabouts.


Once Franklin is emailed the list of names, he can take them out as his leisure. This will work similarly to the Wildlife Photography quest. After each target is eliminated, Lester will update the email with that name checked off the list.


Furthermore, any of the characters may enter a police vehicle at any time and respond to "crimes in progress" by pressing in both thumb sticks at the same time to start the mission. These crimes in progress can be anything from hunting down a robbery suspect to stopping a vehicle thief to intervening in a gang shootout. Just be sure to act casual when the real police arrive on scene.



Online: Multiplayer Vigilante Missions will take on a different approach. Instead of going after NPC's, players can now steal a Police Cruiser and use the computer to track crimes in progress that are being committed by players in the free roam lobby. When activated, a player with a wanted level will be displayed on the minimap as a Star icon. Killing these players will net you a small cash reward and double the RP of a normal player kill. There will be leaderboards for most Vigilante kills added to the game. After X number of kills, you will unlock the Police Uniform for purchase at Ammunation (available in LSPD or Blaine County PD flavors).


While Vigilante Mode is activated, you will NOT attain a wanted level for shooting your weapon, provided you follow the following guidelines:

-No explosives of any kind

-No killing innocent players, pedestrians or police - you may ONLY kill players with a wanted level and nobody else

-No targeting police (you may ram their cars with your car)

-No entering restricted areas


New Jobs

Adversary: Cops 'n' Crooks - A team of bad guys dressed in a selected type of outfit (mobster suit, gangster ware, etc) will try to outrun another team of players dressed as cops to reach their escape point. The escape changes between matches, and it may be a plane, helicopter, or boat.


The Cops team spawns in police cruisers (or bikes, if selected in the menu) and may only use pistols and sub machine guns and has a set number of respawns allowed. The Crooks team will spawn near vehicles, may use any weapons except for explosives, and has a set number of respawns allowed. Players only appear on radar if within visual range of an enemy player.



Adversary: Marked Man - A team of bad guys must escort and protect a very important person from the starting point to an escape point while the police have to stop the escape.


The Crooks team will spawn near a fleet of black Sentinels, access to all weapons, and no respawns. The player chosen as the VIP wears super heavy armor, a bullet proof helmet and carries an auto shotgun. The Cops team spawns in police cruisers (or bikes, if selected in the menu), only have access to pistols and SMGs, and have infinite respawns.


New Capture Mode: Distrubution

Distribution is a new Capture mode and acts sort of like a reverse of Hold. Instead of collecting packages from around the map, the Crooks must DELIVER packages to locations all around the map. Packages cannot be destroyed, only dropped. If a Cop collects a package, it's eliminated from the match. The Crooks must deliver the minimum number of packages to succeed. If the police capture more than the minimum needed, the Crooks lose. If the Crooks fail to deliver the minimum before time runs out, the Crooks lose. If the Crooks deliver the minimum BEFORE time runs out, they may continue delivering packages for extra cash/RP rewards until time does run out.


Each job will have multiple teams with specific goals, just like in Heists - these teams can only work toward their own objectives and will only have access to their specific vehicles.


Distribution: Smuggler's Run - Smuggler's Run will require the Crooks to use BF Dune Buggies to deliver packages all around Blaine County. Cops will have access to Blaine Country Police Cars, Police Grangers, and a Police Maverick.


Distribution: Air Drop - Air Drop has Crooks attempting to collect a shipping container from the docks in South Los Santos and deliver it to McKenzie air field. A Valkyrie will be provided as support. Crooks will have unlimited attempts to deliver the container; it cannot be destroyed and will float on water. If the Cargobob is destroyed, the players inside will respawn on the ground next to a new one. Same goes for team Valkyrie.


The Cops will have access to a Buzzard (missiles may only be controlled by the passenger, NOT the pilot), a Police Maverick, and an Annihilator. They must prevent the Crooks from collecting and delivering the container until the time runs out.



New Vehicles

(Note: Until Rockstar makes a CLASSIC vehicle class alongside SPORTS CLASSIC, certain vehicles will be listed as Sports Classic for lack of a better category.)


Sedan: Vapid Interceptor- Civilian version of the Vapid Police Interceptor used by the LSPD. All of the speed with none of the illegality of driving a stolen police vehicle.


Sedan: Vapid Stanier Police Cruiser (Unmarked)- Decommissioned LSPD cop car with all of the toys left on it. Customize to your preference.


Sports Classic: Albany Police Roadcruiser - The police vehicle based on the GTA IV Esperanto seen in the SP Prologue is now available as a decommissioned classic police vehicle (in LSPD livery).


Sports Classics: Albany Esperanto - Based on the San Andreas version (the giant 70's Cadillac Eldorado), this land barge is as close to driving a couch down the expressway as you're likely to get... unless you live in Blaine County.


Sports Classic: JB700 (Armed) - The geniuses in the chop shops finally figured out a way to reactivate the guns and other toys on this damned thing. Enjoy. Just don't press the red button... unless you really hate your passenger (yes the ejector seat will work online).


Sports Classic: Declasse Deluxo - This one-of-a-kind automobile will leave you feeling like you've traveled to another time when a straight edge and packet of white powder were the only things needed to design a classic automobile.


Super: Overflod Effigy - Not to be outdone by Pegassi, Overflod steps back into the ring with a highly updated and curiously renamed version of the popular Entity. The Effigy features more streamlined body design, fancy LED lighting and a more powerful V12 engine.


Sports: Invetero Coquette XX (Based on 2015 Corvette Z06) - In a bid to prove that Americans can still manufacture top-shelf automobiles, Invetero enlisted the help of german engineers and Japanese parts manufacturers to ensure that this newest Coquette would be the kind of the road course. And they have certainly succeeded. Faster, better looking and boasting insane handling capabilities, you'd better find a strong soft drink container.


New Vehicle Mods

A select number of vehicles are now eligible for LSC's "Apocarlypse" overhaul. This overhaul will include things such as armor plating over the windows, reinforced chassis and curb weight for ramming other vehicles, and mounted weapons either driver controlled or passenger operated at the cost of speed and handling prowess.


Chassis Mods:

-Full Body and Frame reinforcement (doubles strength and damage resistance) - $100,000

-Front push bar - $10,000

-Front, side and window armor - $80,000

-Ejector seat (front passenger only - on convertibles, passenger will be launched directly upward - on hard tops, door will pop off and passenger will be launched out sideways, in both cases car must be repaired before anyone else can sit up front) - $100,000



-Oil slick - causes pursuing vehicles to lose traction, may also be set on fire (select in weapons) - $50,000

-Tire tacks - will puncture any unarmored tires of vehicles following you - $50,000

-Forward-facing mounted machine guns (like the JB700) - $100,000

-Mounted Machine Gun Turret (pick up trucks only) - $200,000


New Weapons

Peace Keeper - 6 shot .44 caliber revolver. Deadly at close to medium range. Longer reload time can be a problem in heated gun battles. Can be outfitted with a medium range scope, or a silencer.


Splatterball Gun - Shoots little balls filled with paint, or in this case, anything you want. Multiple ammo types to choose from - non-lethal paint (why would you?), pepper balls (when used on other players, blurs their screen temporarily and gives the "drunk" wobble effect), explosive (mini explosive round that will knock players off their feet or kill them without risking damage to surrounding property)


Flamethrower - Sprays burning gel onto targets and ensures they won't be recognizable in the end.






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Why only Franklin? Why don't Micheal and Trevor take out some criminals?


You have some good ideas for Online, though. Police outfit, finally.

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The Dedito Gae

do we get the superpowers of the LS police?


like hawkeye when shooting, mental powers to sense criminals' location and police cruiser rubberbanding?

Edited by Midnight Hitman
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Why only Franklin? Why don't Micheal and Trevor take out some criminals?


You have some good ideas for Online, though. Police outfit, finally.


Story wise it fits more with Franklin's character. Michael is a thief, not an assassin. Trevor is untrustworthy and Lester doesn't like him. Franklin is an ice cold killer and a professional.

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and more to the point, Franklin is the only character confirmed to survive, I know endings A and B felt tacked on last minute but until all the while they exist, Franklin is the only viable character without screwing with the canon unfortunately.


Brilliant ideas Mich, especially liking the return of Cops and Crooks!

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Homemade Dynamite

do we get the superpowers of the LS police?


like hawkeye when shooting, mental powers to sense criminals' location and police cruiser rubberbanding?

Haha, that would actually make for a fun game.

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  • 1 month later...

Can you add in police lights & sirens as optional customization options in LS Customs? Here are the police siren options:

*Police & Sheriff (Most police cars)

*FIB (FIB Granger & FIB Buffalo)

*Highway Patrol (Police Bike)

*State Tactical Forces (Sheriff SUV)

*Medical Service (Ambulance)

*Fire Department (Firetruck)

Edited by Ivan1997GTA
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