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Can't join 'race' quick


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Hope I am posting this in the right section.


A few days back I started playing GTA online, and found that racing was the thing I found most fun. I just used the phone to join a 'quick job'


I tried to do the same again today, but I just cannot join a quick job race. Every single time, in the bottom right hand corner it says 'Hills Construction Yard' then X/32. It never populates the lobby, I've restated by PS4 a number of times, the current populating Lobby time is 15 minutes.


I find it strange that every single time I press 'quick job race' it finds Hills Construction Yard, and never goes to the Lobby.


Any ideas?

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R* ruined the quick jobs in their attempt to remove the teleport glitch.


i used to play darts solo (yes some of us do play that) right from the quick jobs tab but now if i select darts it goes on a endless search for another player, no solo option, which mean that if i want to play solo i have to drive ALL THE WAY up to blaine county to play.


same thing with golf, if i want to golf solo(keep tryin to get that damn hole in one), i have to drive to the golf club.

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mmm chocolate

Use the start menu. And go from there.

For some reason, using quick job from the phone vs the start menu is different now. And they didnt say anything.


Join quick Race from the start menu will put u in a lobby right away, joining from the phone will be on-call style.


Pretty stupid, but i see what they were trying to do, have less time in lobbies. They shoulda told everyone though.


Edit: also, you dont have to restart your console, just bring up the phone again and choose quick race again, it will find another one. Or use the start menu. (Recommended)

Edited by mmm chocolate
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So afer this newest update (3/27) quick races work from the start menu?


I gave up because it would spawn me underwater by el gordo lighthouse everytime, and i would have to find a new session.

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