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The Death of Grand Theft Auto


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The Death of Grand Theft Auto


Why? Why? Why? Do you not keep your cities for future games? They are works of art, the time and effort put into creating these impressive 3D landscapes is wasted. Have you not thought of recycling the cities into other games? A police based version of GTA perhaps? A game nothing to do with GTA at all, but based in a city? It just seems an incredible waste to me.The designers have created living, breathing worlds. Other designers don't just throw away the hard work, they create Lore around their games, return to places the series have visited before, embrace the history and players love it. GTA designers are so good at City Creation that I cannot for the life of me understand why you have not created a GTA United States of America... Or GTA Global. I understand technical demands, cross generational platforms etc. But with the introduction of the new consoles I would have thought this could have provided Rockstar with the opportunity to create a GTA series with interconnected games.


Graphics have never been the be all and end all for GTA fans, it's the game play - which you have nailed! The free roaming - which you have nailed! The physics - which you have nailed! And the fun - which you have nailed! I would also say storylines, but I'd be lying, you haven't nailed that, in some games you come close, but veer violently off course time and time again. You've created a crime simulator that parody's real world and fictional characters and places, the best of which being when you create gangs and organised crime outfits based on real life counterparts. The mafia, Russians, MC's, Triads, Cartels etc. It's amazing, we are living the criminal life that most of us are too sensible or cowardly to do in real life. You may have also noticed that most of us gamers are role-players, the majority of demands on your forums are based around individuality, abilities to create our own crews, logos, patch's cuts, hair, physiques, cars, colours, tattoos, homes etc.


You know what we really want? We want to create our own criminal empires. We want to be The Godfather, we want to be Clay Morrow or Jackson Teller, we want to recruit our own gangs on single player mode - not just online. Perhaps a fusion, Co-op story mode. I would love to be able to recruit every individual member of my gang, choose our colours, select the dress style, the culture, the base, the security, weapon choices, vehicle selection and more importantly take it to all the other criminal enterprises in the GTA world, till I rule supreme.


I don't want annoying lead characters I can't connect with, I don't want massive concrete jungles the likes of Liberty City that have no soul. I don't want to be a bank robber, I'm not in it for the money.


The Re-birth of Grand Theft Auto


You start by choosing your sex, race and basic looks. You then begin the game as a teenager in a small backwater town and you can't drive - imposing a more realistic version of the Storm Warning/broken bridge limitation on the player to remain in one area. You begin your criminal career by doing small errands for a bit player gangster, breaking and entering, stealing car stereos etc. small time stuff till you're experienced enough to get a license for a bike. Now you can explore the world a little on a low powered bike, which opens up a few more opportunities to you, as you progress you can take a car license, boat license and eventually a plane license. Opening up the map gradually as you "EARN" The right to explore the map.


Then comes a point as you get experienced that you eventually get caught and end up in prison. A youngster in prison needs protecting and you are forced to choose a side - Mafia, Russian mafia, Triad, Yakuza, Koreans, MCs, Cartel, Bloods/Crips etc. A whole menu of organised crime at your fingertips. You then begin a Career path/Storyline along the gang of choices route. You have to progress - at any point you could end up back inside, dependant on your wanted level and overall police knowledge of your activity/involvement in set piece crimes. This can send you climbing or descending in rank within your crew. Once you've climbed to number two you come across an "EVENT" In which you are offered the leadership of your chosen outfit.


From this moment on it is your mission to control every "Racket" On the map, with differing options offered to you, offered by your gang members, as to how best to deal with certain missions and who best to deal with it. Do we go bloody and brutal to send a message or off the radar and keep things quiet? Money and respect earned can be spent on upgrades to vehicles, bases, recruits, corruption, logistical lines etc. Recruitment is an interesting tool, if given interesting enough characters and methods to recruit, the player would feel ownership over the gang and control over its future. There may be no need or desire to progress further than leading your own MC to your vision of how they should conduct business, no drug deals and content simply keeping the family together. But, we all know crime doesn't pay and someone will eventually force your hand, be it a rival gang or enemies from within.


Eventually you complete the main game and dominate the map, but why end it there? As I mentioned you have other maps, wouldn't it be wonderful to expand, like the Mafia did in Florida and Las Vegas? Open up charters cross country? International criminal conglomerate. Or perhaps go down the law enforcement route? You play an undercover agent, but start as a lowly on foot police recruit in a small town. Eventually though it would be nice to create your own cartel from scratch, recruit your own members from any faction, corrupt as many officials as you choose to and devise a wonderfully wicked criminal organisation.


Not a three-way twisted storyline with uninteresting, weird main characters, with little direction. We want to be us, how we are, but nastier, more brutal versions of ourselves fused with our favourite TV, reality and cinema psychos.




Having said all of this... I love GTA, enough to care where it's going, the series have always been my favourite games of all time, I fully respect everyone who has ever had the most remote role in bringing these games to our fingertips. Much love.

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I found the title very misleading.


The entire point of having different stories is to show the different sides of the criminal underworld. Not everyone is a crime lord. You have some great ideas, though, so you should try making this into a concept.

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I also found the title a little misleading but this does sound interesting. I would definitely play this game.

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American Viking

Firstly, I've always liked the idea of creating our own protagonist with a preset name, background, and story but with everything else customizable, as this would allow some great replay value. Secondly, while it is true that Rockstar creates massive worlds which are never seen again, it's for the best. Usually we have 4-5 years to play in these worlds between each game; more then enough time to become sick of it. Thirdly, one would not find gangs like Yakuza, Mafia organizations, Triad gangs, etc. in prison, at least not in the capacity you're thinking, and one could also not simply "pick one" and join. There are many factors that would prevent this from happening. And finally, your concept of no drivers license thus no exploration is faulty in the sense that one could simply explore on foot. I know it would not keep me in one area. It's best just to have the entire map open like GTA V did.

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I hope something like this comes out before I die. 10/10 would play till death.

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I would make a copy of my GTA Online character for this (essentially a straight lesbian in a 9F).

Edited by Hocko1999_fgc
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Is this about a single player DLC like EFLC? I`m not sure if I`d play it. I never got further than three missions deep into either TLATD or TBOGT and I don`t intend on playing the "online heists," either. I`m pretty much bored to tears of this GTA map and am happy to wait however long it takes for the next game, while in the mean time playing and replaying classic, timeless titles like VC, SA, VCS, LCS etc. It`s not just the missions I want, it`s many things like different physics, different things to do in general, the ability to explore etc. so while I wouldn`t piss on your parade if there was another GTA with the same map (and would probably buy it myself to only play it for five minutes,) it`s not gonna make or break my life, TBH.

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