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what was your best free roam death match experience?


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today when i went after a bounty who entered the overpass lsc, i took cover and fought off a couple of other bounty hunters, and i killed the bounty when he exited.

after that i experienced a pretty good mini death match near the overpass lsc, i eventually came out on top by killing a player who tried to kill me.

what was your best free roam death match experience??

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I've done three free roam DMs that I can recall.


First was against my friend and squadmate. He forgot to change his aim not to lock onto friends/crew members and I was killing him repeatedly, lol.


Second was for the first Daily Objective I got. Some guy took me up, after he blew up his car. I got first blood and then blew up his Zentorno. I then stood my ground and killed him 3 more times before time expired. He didn't get me once.


Final was today, I accepted and they immediately quit so I won, lol.

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It's hard to tell since I've done so many.


My recent is when I got my Hydra and went all nuts in it, killing 7 different people various times in the same area.

Someone then pulled a horning missile at me, meaning I had to eject from the jet asap. In the meantime, some dude had put a 5k bounty on me.


I safely got to the ground, only to notice a tank approaching me on the map. I jacked a car, drove a few blocks away and retrieved my Insurgent SUV.


Tank was still after me, yet so far away. Without too much struggle, I got to LSIA, retrieved a new Hydra, enabled off the radar and took down the pursuing tank.


And then killed the guy a few times till he went into passive.

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JohnXina - Discord Emojispacer.pngJohnXina - Discord Emoji

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Interesting, was chasing a bounty but it got claimed by sum scrubs in the LS River by LSC, I hopped down from the overpass to kill them for no good reason, chased em around and ended up in a little sniper shootout a little outside LS




This made me lol

Edited by CrysisAverted
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best freeroam battle?


me outsmarting a crew of 7 into submission, this was like a year ago.


months ago, me and a random, handed a can of whoopass to a crew of 6. this battle started around eclipse towers and ended by the docks. no cars used, all on foot. we managed to push them back til they had no more room to run, so they all when passive as ordered by their leader.


most recent, gotta be the 3hour+ 11 player battle i was involved. non stop battle, bullets flying, explotions, everything. at the end of the battle all my ammo was gone, all i had left was like 4k bullets in my sniper rifle. the best thing of this battle was, that evenknow it was a high levels battle, no one recurred to cheap tactics to get easy kills, so no offradar or tanks were used. it was awesome.


the only thing that interferred with the fun was the damn cops.


a cop free lobby would make me really happy!

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