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[PS4] Military Crew - [USMC] 5th Marine Battalion


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[uSMC] 5th Marine Battalion

Interested in joining a military themed crew?

Then enlist today with 5th Marine Battalion. We are now recruiting all kinds or respectable players. No matter what level you are or how good. We'll have boot camps to test your current abilities and for improvement. In this crew we'll have role playing crew events for example, Last team standings, Protect the convoy, and Defend the base.

All in open lobbies. We play in both Free aim and Auto aim lobbies.

In this crew you will have your voice heard. All ideas are welcome to improve your experience with us. I will take all your ideas and run them through all the superiors.



1. Absolutely no crew killing at all.

2. Respect and obey your superiors.

3. Be in uniform at all times(Thundra LTS outfit).

4. Ride only in crew vehicles(Dubstas).

5. Must arrive when requested to the battlefield.

6. Must have crew tag on at all times.


1. Must know your social club name or have your psn linked.

2. Must have the uniform.

3. Must have one or both of the crew vehicles.

4. Must be a mature player that plays respectably.

5. Must have leadership skills, especially if your interested

in a leadership role.


In this crew you are expected to not be the kind of player

that can only get kills using things like, miniguns, rpgs, c4, tanks, and jets.

Unless you are a specialist in that domainbut they're still not to be over used. You will be expected to respect superiors and to obey any order you are given. In the event that you disobey orders you will be penalized. I personally expect no crew drama within the crew. We expect you to respect all decisions made by superior officers.


First of all DO NOT ask for promotions. We believe that promotions are earned not just given. Promotions will be given every 2 weeks. Meaning the beginning and the middle of each months. Although there will only be 4 nominations and 2 promotions for every promotion ceremony. You can only be nominated by your assigned superior. Promotions will be handle by the highest Commissions Officers.


Our system is very simple. You'll get 3 strikes, whenever

you break a rule or don't meet an expectation your superior officer is to decide whether you deserve to have a strike out. Once you strike out all 3 times you will be kicked. If you're given a second chance to the crew and strike out again you'll be permanently banned.


13. Lieutenant Colonel

12. Major

11. Captain

10. First Lieutenant

9. Second Lieutenant

8. Warrant Officer

7. Master Sergeant

6. Staff Sergeant

5. Sergeant

4. Corporal

3. Lance Corporal

2. Private First Class

1. Private


Lieutenant Colonel - Solex_jr

Major - Available

Captain - Available

First Lieutenant - Available

Second Lieutenant - Available

Warrant Officer - oOdysseus


If you want to join please just leave your full gamertag

below as well as you social club name, if you can't

remember it we'll help you figure it out. I Solex_jr will

send you a friend request but will not accept any sent to

me. Please join us today. Oh and PS4 only.




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How many topics do you need? I'm locking all your topics except your first one. Stick to that topic only. Make any more topics and you'll lose your posting privileges.

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